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Decision 2014 - Victorian State Election

There’s less than two hours until polling closes in the 2014 Victorian State Election.

Click the Decision 2014 link on the left to find out more and stay up to date with the results via the Victorian Electoral Commission website (link contained on the Decision 2014 page).

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Pretty Sure I Was Bullied At The Polls This Year

Some context: I live in a city that has been described as the heart of my state’s Republican party.

We recently moved, so we had to register to vote. 387 more words

Gay Marriage is now legal in Finland

It sucks that Touko Laaksonen himself is not alive to witness such a milestone in Finnish history. All Finns can get married now! Love for all! 394 more words

Tom Of Finland

All Lib Dems must campaign for a Federal UK

By Ross Finnie, Wed 21st March 2012

I have always supported Home Rule, involving a new constitutional settlement giving equal status to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and thereafter each nation would promote what each considered to be the most appropriate governance arrangements within a federal state. 558 more words


UK should adopt a federal system, with regional parliaments, in event of a No vote in independence referendum, say Lib Dems

THE UK should adopt a federal system, with regional and national parliaments and assemblies across the country, in the event of a No vote in the independence referendum, according to a “home rule” commission. 531 more words


Liberal Apples and Conservative Oranges

I just love it when people apply labels to me. Heck, better than that, I really love it when people put labels on themselves. You see, that’s the problem with labels. 753 more words


There You Have It

As most female-related topics are extremely taboo in our Eastern society, the concept of the head scarf
has been a non-negotiable matter for decades now; I do believe I can easily count the number of families which don’t persist on reinforcing the mainstream assumption that the hijab is an obligation in Islam -because let’s face it, how many people do we actually know grew up lacking that perpetual paranoia that they should cover their hair very soon? 845 more words