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Former Liberal MP is a turbine leaseholder at the new Bluewater Wind Farm. Quelle Surprise!!

Bluewater Wind Farm creates divide in community

CTV news (London) — April 16, 2014

Construction is underway on 37 wind turbines just south of Bayfield.  Once complete, they’ll make up the Bluewater Wind Farm.   

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Wind Turbines

The First Amendment

Think this is not true? Then why are you afraid to talk about your views in the open anymore?


Just how much Democrat criminal corruption is enough before we finally get Obama and Reid out of Washington? King Hussein and Harry Reid should be in a cage!!!!....

Darrel Issa has launched yet another investigation into Democrat corruption, this time concentrating specifically on Harry Reid and Barrack Obama and their involvement into BLM Gestapo-tactic land grabs (Clive Bundy). 1,664 more words

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People are not ILLEGAL!!!

Photo taken by Grace Ortiz Martinez.

Immigration rally in Chicago!!

Its exciting to see young people standing up for a cause. Fight for your rights. People are not illegal!!!!

What a day!

When Barry O’Farrell led the Liberals to victory on 26th March, 2011, I expected to see him remain Premier for at least two terms, maybe more. 627 more words

Amidst The Vitriol, Some Words of Kindness for Suey Park

In the aftermath of #cancelcolbert the response against Suey Park was pretty massive. I decided to check out her feeds and see what people were saying….. 263 more words


That crucial second opinion

After Dr Y (see Old Dogs entry) gave E and I the devastating news and suggested we go down the adoption route, we were both basically shell shocked with E crying and me just holding things together. 474 more words