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Amidst The Vitriol, Some Words of Kindness for Suey Park

In the aftermath of #cancelcolbert the response against Suey Park was pretty massive. I decided to check out her feeds and see what people were saying….. 263 more words


That crucial second opinion

After Dr W (see Old Dogs entry) gave E and I the devastating news and suggested we go down the adoption route, we were both basically shell shocked with E crying and me just holding things together. 474 more words

The Left-Right Divide is a Crock, but We'll Never Get Past It

It has been quite a while since I’ve written, and my apologies. I’ve been reeling from a sudden death in the family and overwhelmed by my day job. 618 more words

The Liberal Race agenda

This ongoing series is not intended as ‘gotcha’ style one-upmanship on the issue of racism, but rather a counterargument to the view that racism is part and parcel of the Conservative/Republican movement as well as an indictment of the agenda of Liberals.   953 more words

The Liberal Agenda

Let us take a closer look at the concept of freedom, or rather correctly ‘our’ concept of freedom.
We start off by establishing a metaphor with free-range chickens. 607 more words


The Nomination has been announced!


Great news! The date for the Nominating Convention for Saint John Lancaster has been set! The convention will take place on SATURDAY MAY 10, 2014 at the Peter Murray Arena on Dever Road. 132 more words