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An Odd Couple

Joseph Kennedy III and Tom Reed are an odd couple–Kennedy is a Liberal Democrat from Boston, while Reed is a Conservative Republican from a largely rural district in western NY. 303 more words


Scotch Socialists

Just trying to keep things straight here in case of potential developments in the Still Somewhat United Kingdom: but, if Scotland declares its independence in order to form a more perfect collectivist state, is Scotland somehow automatically grandfathered in on the various agreements and crap we have with Great Britain? 648 more words


'Where's the coexist sticker?' Jonah Goldberg sums up liberalism in one tweet [photo]

Sometimes, a picture really does say it all:

My sister-in-law was just cut off in traffic by this car. pic.twitter.com/vYqbT1gT6R

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) September 16, 2014…

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Why I will be voting Yes on Thursday September 18th

The recent past has been the most enlightening time of my life. It’s been like a second adolescence; enlightening because it has taught me an entire new language and has forced me to decide what is most important to me in a democracy; a second adolescence because it’s as if I have escaped childhood and been forced to understand what the impact of big grown up things might mean for the rest of my, and my family’s, life. 984 more words


Varför tänkte ni inte till?

13 % är en återkommande siffra i media just nu.
Vi mot dom, dom mot oss.

Med en sinande respekt för medias hantering av Sverigedemokraterna undrar jag; 293 more words

Det handlar inte om sura miner - det handlar om ideologiskt självmord.

Det sägs att vi som röstade borgerligt surar, att vi borde skärpa till oss och börja samarbeta för Sveriges framtid.
Samarbeta med Socialdemokraterna och Miljöpartiet. Kanske även Vänstern? 495 more words

The boundaries of political advertising

As a Gungahlin resident, I wondered what my local Community Council was up to. For those of you who don’t know (any many, many don’t) Canberra has community councils in place of local government councils found elsewhere in Australia. 740 more words