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What is Philosophy?

In society, there are always outliers who question common thought.  Some may refer to them as extremists or leftists.  Others may agree with their view half-heartedly, but lack the courage to be an outlier themselves.   238 more words


American Sniper: the film equivalent of Born In The USA?

Critics seem bizarrely divided on American Sniper, which opened in the UK yesterday. Some think it’s the sort of simplistic right-wing fable you’d expect of an avowedly Republican director, Clint Eastwood, who famously bizarrely addressed an empty chair at the Republican Convention. 531 more words

Case Solution for Liberal Government of Ontario's Eco-Tax Fiasco

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Liberal Government of Ontario’s Eco-Tax Fiasco

Authors :           Michael Sider

Source :             Ivey Publishing

Case ID :            910M95… 280 more words


Legislative Civility: Alphabetical Seating v. According to Party Affiliation

Much of the time when I see footage of a legislative session I can’t help but feel embarrassed by the behavior of the participants.  The interactions routinely devolve into heated shouting matches and passionate demands for resignations.  70 more words


Ban on surface drilling in Liberal could bring more jobs

LIBERAL, Kansas – The Liberal City Commission has now banned surface drilling within city limits and officials believe the move will actually bring jobs to the town. 275 more words


Mitt Romney Will Not Run For President In 2016: What That Means For America

For all intents and purposes, when it comes to politics i try to speak as an observer, rather than somebody with the intention of advancing the aims of one group or another. 955 more words


A Wounded Animal

The New Democrats have the most to lose and the least to gain in this election. They won’t win the West, they are losing their grip on Quebec, and they have already lost their one seat in New Brunswick with little chance of gaining another. 348 more words