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Christopher Dawson, "The Claims of Politics," 1939

A transcription of the seminal article, Christopher Dawson, “The Claims of Politics,” SCRUTINY 8 (September 1939): 136-141.

The expansion of Politics from the narrow limits of utilitarian Liberalism to the all-embracing claims of the totalitarian com­munity-state has already had a revolutionary effect on Western civilization and may produce still greater changes in the future. 1,930 more words

Of liberalism, nationalism and dissent

What this country needs is our insatiable thirst for patrimony. The thing with the radicalism, dynamism and activism of UP is something we all need to arrive at solutions to the ills of society. 304 more words

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Konsep Kurikulum Liberal Arts

Konsep Kurikulum Liberal Arts

Agus Suwignyo dalam bukunya Dasar-dasar Intelektualitas (2007), menengarai program ini pada dua muatan, yaitu dalam perspektif kurikulum pendidikan sebagai kurikulum objek kajian, dan disposisi sikap sebagai kurikulum tersembunyi. 118 more words


Islam Liberal dan Poros Kebodohan

MUI mendefinisikan liberalisme sebagai paham yang memahami nash-nash agama (Al-Qur’an dan As-Sunnah) dengan menggunakan akal pikiran yang bebas dan hanya menerima doktrin-doktrin agama yang sesuai dengan akal pikiran semata.

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Yet-Another Caricature of #GamerGate (A response to Al Jazeera)

Part of me is getting a little tired of this.  It’s one thing when you see a bunch of sites like Kotaku, Polygon and Rock, Paper Shotgun showing their journalistic sloth.  1,227 more words


Top liberal lies of 2014...

Click on  the link  to see the Media Research Center’s choices for the top five liberal lies of 2014.   Of course,  there are still a few days left.   Was MRC premature?

Social justice vs. socialism

A writer for the conservative Federalist website picks up on a failing of the modern Left that is becoming more and more apparent: an abandonment of the traditional support of the working class and its private-sector unions, in favor of more and more “diversity” or, as it is now becoming known as, “social justice.” 380 more words