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Adjusting the angle of attack ...

I’ve come to the conclusion that the tenor of some of my recent postings have done virtually no one, including myself, most especially myself, much good. 372 more words

Personal Responsibility

Barack Obama The Progressive

Barack Obama embodies a pure opportunist devoid of loyalty to men, ideas and our country. He is more than willing to break oaths and say or do anything to achieve and hold power. 582 more words


“. . . voters quickly recognized 'Modern Family' as a safe choice. . . “ (Kirsten Acuna)

“Modern Family” wins Emmys. I can’t figure out why. It’s a dumb show, a pathetically insipid show. I find the show’s portrayal of gay men offensive. 1,168 more words


Why a tough year for America's Democrats could be a good opportunity for the party's far left

Most of the world by now knows of the Tea Party, the right-wing political movement that has been a formidable force in American politics in recent years. 845 more words

My Jacksonville to Seattle Odyssey—Part 8--Home Sweet Home!

In truth I’ve been in Seattle for a week now. When I first arrived I felt kind of claustrophobic after driving through big sky country, so my first thought was, “Oh, God. 807 more words


Essay: The View from the Contrary...

I don’t go in to promises that much. I’m a man. We tend to break those. That said, I will promise you this much, being a natural born contrarian, I think you’ll find at least one or two blogs here to totally piss you off. 1,153 more words