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Pt 4 - All of the Bible, not Fragments

At this point in the conversation, I was tired of hearing the same verses out of context. Here is my response…

Again, what does “homosexual” in the Bible mean? 505 more words


Pt. 3 - The Gospel is what it is

My friend reiterated his objection to homosexuality. His reply ended with a warning not to change what the Bible commands just to stay with society. Here is my response… 248 more words


The Left Is Waging A War Against Traditional Values

I want to start this column by apologizing for my lack of any columns last week as I was moving. I also want to start this column by saying a couple of things about myself so it put’s everything else I write in this article in perspective. 998 more words


"They will be known for their love"

Continuing the conversation with my conservative friend from before. All the worn verses that mention homosexuals were brought up. Here is my response…

There is debate over what the term “homosexual” means in biblical times. 709 more words


Pt. 1 The Gospel of Inclusion

I found myself in an argument regarding the inclusion of LGBT people in Christian community.  The argument is far too long to post in its entirety but here is the first snippet I will post… 630 more words


The Most "tolerant, anti-bullying" INTOLERANT bullies You Will Ever Meet

It’s been a busy past 10 days for us with friends coming for dinner, family coming into town to visit & planning for our son’s birthday parties — yes, two!! 355 more words

Where the Bloody Hell is Australia Going

I want to get one thing clear. I don’t really enjoy Australian politics. I’m not even sure I can tell you why that is, maybe its because both major parties are so close to each other on the political spectrum that its not like the election of Tony Abbott resulted in the slavery of millions, because it didn’t, but Australian policy (to me) has always seemed to be a slog fest between mild social reform and mild conservatism. 890 more words