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Right, Left, and Somewhere in the Middle

We all use political terminology, but few people, if pressed, could define the terminology they use.  No terms are used more often than right and… 803 more words

You Might Be A Racist


Racism is an interesting and complex concept. What is the racism? Who decides what is racism? It seems the word racist has become a catchall to end a debate when you are being defeated by facts. 740 more words


Garbage Boy Now Among Canada’s highest Paid Municipal Politicians

August 1st and finally, truth about the goings on in the very troubled Brampton City Council is beginning to emerge.

Frankly, what is emerging about “certain” present members of City Council is compelling.  689 more words

Remaining Silent During America's Betrayal

Abraham Lincoln in his 1838 Lyceum address spoke of America’s betrayal in stating,”If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a… 469 more words


An Australian Borgen

Picture this scene. Lars Hesselboe and his Liberal led government have been in power for the past seven years. Their main opposition comes in the form of the Labor Party, led by Michael Laugesen and their traditional coalition partner the Moderate Party led by Birgitte Nyborg. 1,485 more words

A Creative Writer's look at Gay Marriage, Religion, and Humanity

TOUCHY SUBJECT ALERT: If you don’t want to learn my perspective, don’t read. But I want you to know before you leave, you might want to learn more from other people. 428 more words

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