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Ett helt osakligt inlägg, men viktigt ändå.

Att öppet arbeta för ett politiskt parti gör mig oftast stolt. Jag får möjlighet att föra så många intressanta samtal med så många intressanta människor. Såväl dom som delar mina åsikter, som dom som inte gör det. 283 more words

Non-Aggression Principle live at 8 Talking #Ferguson #powell #alsicebucketchallenge #swat

Tonight at 8 Tim & maybe Paul if he gets here talk the latest updates in Ferguson, including the separate shooting of a knife wielding man in St. 39 more words


"Liberal" vs. "Conservative"? Podcast attempts to pinpoint better defintions

The way the twenty-first-century media bandies about the terms “Liberal” and “Conservative” is it any wonder that many incoming college freshman really don’t know the meaning of these words? 49 more words


This week's Bible study will be the first half of Romans chapter 14.

Accepting One Another Without Being Judgmental

Today in our ongoing study of the book of Romans, I will move on to chapter 14. Since there is a lot of subject matter to discuss, I am going to divide this portion of the study into 2 halves out of respect and thoughtfulness towards all the new believers who are reading this posting. 1,368 more words


Arrest Mr. Al Sharpton on the Rico Act for Inflaming Black Lawlessness @FoxNews

~R.OliverLuce | 08-21-14

Arrest of Mr. Al Sharpton for blatant conspiracy, inflaming attitudes against the rule of law and fair trial whether it goes against our wishes or not. 287 more words

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