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How to Become an American Traditionalist, Part Five: Knowing About God

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Recall from the previous parts of this series that traditionalism reconnects man with the wisdom of his ancestors and that the most important item of wisdom is to acknowledge the God of the Bible. 875 more words


Lajos Bokros: Is he a liberal-conservative?

Since there seems to be total confusion over Lajos Bokros’s political and economic philosophy, I thought it might be useful to go back to an… 756 more words

Hungarian Politics

LGBTQ+ Rights: A Liberalist Perspective

Liberalism, in the International Relations case and for the purpose of this post, relies on the concept that all people should be allowed their basic Civil Rights. 509 more words

Dana D.

Theoretical Explanations of the Palestinian Israeli Conflict

An interesting part international relations theory is game theory. One of game theory’s most interesting problems is the prisoner’s dilemma. Put very simply the prisoner’s dilemma is a scenario in which two prisoners have the choice to testify against their partner in crime or to stay silent. 900 more words

Wednesday's Book Review: "The Beginning of Infinity"

The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations that Transform the World. By David Deutsch. New York: Viking, 2011. 496 pages. Acknowledgments, illustrations, bibliography, index. ISBN: 978-0670022755. $14.50 USD paperback. 575 more words


all i want is the truth. just gimme some truth

If I could have a vial of truth serum and could give it to someone, with his consent, it would have to be Barack Obama. I should like to ask Obama what he could finds so impressive about reverse discrimination, the moslems, abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality and all the other things that are on the liberal agenda.   218 more words

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