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Direkt demokrati

Direkt demokrati – den enda sanna folkmakten

Vi blir dagligen påminda om att demokrati är den enda vägen, men ingen tycks vilja höra talas om den sanna demokratin, där var och en har en röst som direkt påverkar och gör skillnad, där folket själva bestämmer vad som är bäst för dem och inte deras politiska ledare. 294 more words


The issue of identity (III) - Civilization as a meta-identity, Consumeristic Individualism

by Enrique Lescure


In part I of this series of articles, I briefly mentioned Consumeristic Individualism, as I defined the dominant ethos of our era. 1,852 more words


‘Outline on technology and progress’ – a Marxist view* (Written by Albert Langer in October 1979) Part One: Introduction – Marxism, eco-catastrophe and environmental degradation

The major trends among Western “radicals” on issues concerning technology and progress can be summarised as follows:

a) Outright opposition to modern technology and nostalgia for the past, summed up in the slogan “Small is Beautiful”. 1,761 more words


what's wrong with “The Nation-State” “of” “The Jewish People”

The precise language of the proposed Basic Law being debated in Israel does more than codify Israel as a “Jewish State.” The law’s purpose is to define Israel as “The Nation-State of the Jewish people.” It’s a peculiar and even tortured formulation. 383 more words


Theory in Action: The War in Iraq

Exploring the perspectives of various International Relations theory in relating to the US instigated war in Iraq. Listen to what realists, liberals and constructivists have to say about the invasion.


Student blames his 'privilege' for being mugged at gunpoint.

Washington Times:

A Georgetown University student who was mugged at gunpoint refused to condemn his assailants because to do so from his “perch of privilege” would be unfair.

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