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Hope n' Change

The Early Worm Gets The Bird

Barack Obama traveled to Chicago on Monday in order to cast his ballot early and avoid the long slow-moving lines of dead voters who appear in huge numbers closer to election day.

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AS task: parties and ideologies

Now you’re well-informed about the basics of parties (broad historical outline, leadership, general policy areas, number of MPs and regional representation etc) it’s time to delve into their history a little bit, and to move over to the political philosophy that underpins them. 279 more words


Why I'm Terrified Of Hillary

Disregard domestic policy. I find it difficult to believe that any democratic president will have much of a legacy on domestic policy because the real root of America’s stagnation lies within Congress and not the presidency. 703 more words

Congress And Politics

Eric Holder "Regrets" Inability To "Pass" Gun Laws?

If there’s one thing that Eric Holder regrets during his time as attorney general for the United States, it’s his failure to press through a Second Amendment crackdown on the heels of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that left 20 children and six adults dead, he said.

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Monica Lewinsky: 'I Was Patient Zero'

Dramatic intro music, please.

She was taken out of context; Page Six called her a “Portly Pepperpot” and others in the media called her tramp, slut and bimbo. 415 more words