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The prescription pad as politically correct authority

When it comes to mental illness and mood, we have to acknowledge that a small percentage of people are not fit to look after themselves.  They need constant adult supervision or else they will become a danger to themselves and/or others. 288 more words


A Little To The Left Of Mahatma Gandhi Is Not Always The Most Comfortable Seat In The House

There are days I really don’t feel like writing this blog.  This is one of those days.  Readership is down from a peak of nearly 100 a few weeks ago to just a few dozen now, and yes, I know, whining about it doesn’t do a thing to drive traffic.   584 more words


They don't fear only upset - Miklos Tamas Gaspar about Hungarian prime minister Orban's speech at Tusnadfurdo

Right-wing parties of Hungary hampered the progress of democracy, then started to blame the problems of the country on democracy – Gaspar Miklos Tamas thinks. According to the philosopher, speaking out that Hungary should break with the regime of human rights assigns political landmark in Orban’s politics.  2,843 more words



Democrat Cities are dangerous places to live.


Tocqueville on Freedom and Equality

“Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.”


- Alexis de Tocqueville


The "intelligence" Community . . . HaHaHa!

So, conveniently for Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama, we attempted a hostage recovery in Syria . . . just before Barry resumed his pathetic golf fiasco. Thank GOD, we tried and failed! I despair . . . .