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Liberalism: Bait and Switch?

I think Wendy Brown (in “Subjects of Tolerance: Why We Are Civilized and They Are the Barbarians”) is saying that liberalism is not a good idea. 1,081 more words

Daniel Hayes

Libertarianism,Secularism,Multiculturalism,Human Rights are Destroying Western Civilisation

Liberalism,Secularism,Multiculturalism,Human Rights are Destroying Western Civilisation

In the false belief that we are emancipating our stagnant repressive, racist, bigoted civilisation from old fashioned and obsolete values, we are speeding headlong into the oblivion of the Western civilisation with very poorly thought out and tested concepts of equality for all man. 1,315 more words


On Being Liberal

I’m ‘The Liberal Degenerate’. I’ve always thought of myself as liberal, but I’ve started to think a bit differently. Being liberal is not just believing in liberalism. 133 more words


Political Science

Political science is not moralizing. It is not liturgical recitation from sunday school scripture. Nor is it mere statistical interpolation of voting patterns to predict elections. 670 more words


The different worlds of everyday post-communist democracy

 Original books often share two common virtues. They reach conclusions which make perfect sense in hindsight, but which somehow no one else managed to reach before. 1,888 more words


The U.S. in Asia: A Liberal-International perspective

There are three components that underlie the Liberal-International paradigm of International Relations. The first can be ascribed as Commercial Liberalism, or the view that economic interdependence, especially free trade, reduces the prospects of war by increasing the costs on all involved nations. 506 more words

Foreign Policy

Morality and Politics

One of the most frustrating parts about modern politics (and perhaps politics throughout history) is that it seems to me that behind the scenes, we are still duking it out over some of the oldest moral debates: is something moral because of its results (what we attribute to it), or is something moral in and of itself? 749 more words