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Surprising truth about the Obama T-shirt burning girl, Anarchist. She hates your U.S. Constitution.

“There is no greater evil than anarchy.”
- Sophocles

Dwight D. Eisenhower has been criticized by historians for not doing enough to impede Senator Joseph McCarthy and his unconstitutional war on the American people under the pretense of fighting communism. 3,704 more words

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The Power of Choices

There are many times when I write these blogposts when I wish that I had started writing a little earlier.  This is because there so many important issues that keep falling in and out of our collective radar, which seem a little outdated now that I’ve gotten around to writing.  1,260 more words

A Closer Look at the Life of a Young Conservative, Anna Maria Hoffman

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered I enjoyed interviewing people and posting answers about their lives on my blog. I started with some of the primary actors/actresses from “God’s Not Dead.” Now I hope to share several entries from Conservatives who work diligently to wheel America back to the Right. 854 more words


What I Know About Liberalism

I remember this cartoon from my college days.  My first exposure to those on the left came in college.  Growing up I may have encountered one here and there, but I never paid them any attention.   2,192 more words

The Liberal Race agenda

This ongoing series is not intended as ‘gotcha’ style one-upmanship on the issue of racism, but rather a counterargument to the view that racism is part and parcel of the Conservative/Republican movement as well as an indictment of the agenda of Liberals.   953 more words