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Squealing Lefties

From the mouth of the Vermont Governor:

Shumlin: “Vermont is more affordable now than it was four years ago when I was first elected. Our cost of living has been reduced.”

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A Post-Nationalist View of Scottish Independence

I am a Post-Nationalist or an Anti-Nationalist. I believe that nations are nothing more than imagined communities; with the myth of shared values or shared loyalties being precisely that – a myth. 730 more words

No, Virginia, Ben Gazhi Is Not A Disc Jockey

The major broadcast networks on Wednesday refused to cover the first hearing held by the House Select Committee on Benghazi to begin assessing what happened in the 2012 attack that left U.S.

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How to Become an American Traditionalist, Part Two: The Wisdom of the Ages

Recall from Part One that traditionalism reconnects man with the true order of being, an order that is systematically denied by modernity. To become an American traditionalist, you must begin to know the elements of traditionalism so that you can begin to see their value and be nourished by them. 618 more words

The Modern Condition

Liberal Blood

Can’t help it. I hold unmitigated contempt for anyone actively or passively supporting America’s latest war. Particularly the liberals. And especially the liberals who have never donned a uniform. 229 more words

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in the realm of buy, sell, trade – the mention of product conjures up the impression of stuff on a shelf, for sale… 899 more words

Bonum Publicum

Liberal? What do you mean by that?

This is a kind of follow-up post to a comment I made in my attempt to summarise a few of the talks at Greenbelt. In particular, it was my note that Linda Woodhead’s definition of liberalism was little different from a statement of individualism. 3,038 more words

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