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The Best Review of Exodus: Gods And Kings

Dr Brian Mattson’s review of Noah was easily the best one available and it seems he’s done it again with Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods And Kings… 830 more words


Denomination Decline and Gain, 2000-2011

A couple years ago, a member of our church asked about the decline (or growth) of denominations. I knew the general talking points, but I was curious about the hard numbers in denominational decline/gain for the past decade. 1,051 more words


Christopher Dawson, "The Claims of Politics," 1939

A transcription of the seminal article, Christopher Dawson, “The Claims of Politics,” SCRUTINY 8 (September 1939): 136-141.

The expansion of Politics from the narrow limits of utilitarian Liberalism to the all-embracing claims of the totalitarian com­munity-state has already had a revolutionary effect on Western civilization and may produce still greater changes in the future. 1,930 more words

Given a choice would liberals and socialists hate a conservative? Why sure they would

I think liberals are intolerant and not very charming. David Goldman says it’s worse than that. 62 more words


hey it's Christmas, not holiday~get over it, bucko!!!

Christmas has always been quite enjoyable for me. Not counting the bitter cold weather and dark dreary skies, I’ve always really enjoyed it.  When I was a kid, I obviously related to it much differently than I have as an adult but I still really enjoy it all. 277 more words

Daily Post

Baby Boomers, I Need to Vent

Okay, at the risk of pissing a bunch of people off, I am just going to say it!  It is my firm belief that the baby boomer generation ruined this country. 155 more words

Hope n' Change

Barry Mitsvah

In yet the latest surprising revelation about America’s first half-black Irish Native-American Indo-Hawaiian Islamo-Christian president, Barack Obama has announced that he is also Jewish.

213 more words