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Freedom implies equal rights

Libertarians and reactionaries coming from a libertarian background tend to make equality subordinate to freedom in their political theories, or in some cases abandon equality entirely in favor of freedom. 128 more words


Buzzfeed & The Daquan Meme -- Neither Buzz'n Nor Feed'n

By Shelton Bumgarner

A quick look at the Buzzfeed front page shows that Buzzfeed,too, has totally dropped the ball on the Daquan Meme. Not a peep. 533 more words


Brendan Simms on the first stirrings of 'Liberal Interventionism'

“The international turbulence of the late 1760s and 1770s strengthened interventionist sentiment in Europe. In the 1770s no fewer than three German imperial counts were taken into custody for ‘abuse of power’. 396 more words


frankenstein opens pandora's box










As nice as all of mankind’s technological advances are, having given us all sorts of extra ease and convenience, I still like a lot of things better when done the old fashioned way, by real people under ordinary circumstances.     331 more words

Daily Post

The Summer Lull Is Here -- My Web Stats Have Flat-lined

Country Views
United States 112
Korea, Republic of 19 <—- Haters
Japan 7
United Kingdom 3
Germany 2
Aruba 2 <—- Probably someone interesting on vacation.
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Viktor Orbán’s speech at the XXV Bálványos Free Summer University and Youth Camp, July 26, 2014, Băile Tuşnad (Tusnádfürdő)

I’m grateful to the editors of  The Budapest Beacon, an English-language news portal, for allowing me to republish their translation of the by now infamous speech of Viktor Orbán. 4,780 more words


Yeah, I Could See The New York Post Doing Something With The Daquan Meme

By Shelton Bumgarner

I saw the above movie when I was at JMU. No one liked me then, either. I went with the entire staff of The Breeze, the student-run newspaper, and I was pretty much treated like the red-headed stepchild. 2,459 more words