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For Your Own Good Of Course

There will always be those whose
primary desire
is to control others for their own
good of course
parents, teachers, wives, employers
govt. bureaucrats
their so called good intentions yet… 39 more words


Hamas Manipulates Liberals

The latest tweets by the UN indicate that hamas is using schools funding by the UN to hide weapons in.  Yes, that’s right, the group that is the most responsible for the war going is using schools as places to hide.  124 more words


Obama May Not Be A Socialist After All!

Socialist, communist or fascist — it is, and was quite clear, that Barack Hussein Obama wasn’t a man of America.  By that, I of course  don’t mean that was born in Kenya — but that he dislikes America, her greatest and her ‘exceptionalism’.  752 more words


Liberals are nuts when it comes to defending Hamas

Check out the following article to see what I mean, even being the first to launch missiles doesn’t mean you’re not breaking a ceasefire in their eyes…. 221 more words

Foreign Affairs

White House Fights to Keep Shirley Sherrod Emails Secret

Admin says public does not have ‘any need for access to those documents’

The Obama administration is trying to keep reams of White House emails regarding the 2010 firing of former Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod secret.

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The 5 Happiest Cities In America Are In One State & The Unhappiest Places Have One Thing in Common

What could it be? What *could* it be?

Some might suspect that they’re just putting something in the water, but the five happiest cities in America are all in the same state: Louisiana.

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