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Nova Scotia healthcare workers call legislation a direct attack on unions

Hundreds of Nova Scotia health-care workers gathered at the Provincial Building in Sydney and Province House in Halifax last night to show just how angry they are at new legislation introduced by the liberal government yesterday. 570 more words



One of the kindest things anybody ever said to me was, “you are not a victim.” At the time I was like, what?!?  Clearly I had been the bug on somebody’s windshield. 531 more words

Genders are not Equal

While many of you are prepared to think this post will be homosexual-bashing and aimed at adults, I want you all to know that you will be greatly disappointed.   1,597 more words

Unpolitically Correct

The Right Kind of Bias in Academia

Jonathan Marks has a good review of Donald Lazere’s Why Higher Education Should Have a Leftist Bias at The American Conservative.  Lazere says that higher education should “broaden students’ perspectives beyond those of their upbringing,” and because of Lazere’s perception of a conservative dominance of American society, those newer perspectives should of necessity be leftist perspectives. 504 more words