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Does the Absence of Rules Equal Chaos?

I’ve often wondered if the libertarian/anarchic principle of less government, fewer laws would apply to traffic lights. Central planners suck at everything. Do they really know precisely where traffic lights should be placed? 28 more words


Judge Andrew Napolitano at Mises University: Be prepared to die faithful to first principles

I had the pleasure of watching Judge Napolitano’s evening lecture live at Mises University 2014 as a virtual student. You can listen to the MP3 version… 428 more words


Rabyd Philosophy - The Six Different Types of Libertarianism

Honestly I knew that Libertarianism was pretty divided.  I also knew it is not necessarily as a whole a small movement as far as political ideology for the most part when you do ask about social ideas verses government fiscal responsibility.   1,614 more words


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Anarchism is the ideal but until then Bear will remain a Libertarian Socialist Deist.

MT Senate 2014: Plus 10

Mondays in the summer are not supposed to be too exciting, but with a new poll showing a dramatic change in Montana’s U.S. Senate race between Sen. 514 more words


Dr. Doom Marc Faber Chats with Political Badger

He’s a contrarian. He’s a prognosticator. He’s a bear on the US economy. He’s Dr. Doom and he was kind enough to chat with us recently: 7 more words


Let's Try a Libertarian Foreign Policy

Don’t believe haters like Rick Perry and Chris Christie. A libertarian foreign policy is the only cure for what ails us abroad

After two long, drawn-out, bipartisan, and totally lost wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that aren’t even over yet, it’s finally clear… 1,485 more words