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I'm Gay Friendly, not Pro Gay

Farm couple fined $13,000 for not holding same sex marriage

To borrow a phrase from the President… “Let me be clear.”

I’m not pro-gay. I’m not anti-gay. 1,065 more words

Ranking the 2014 South Carolina Candidates for Governor - Pairwise Comparison Scorecard

As you proceed through this candidate selection exercise, you might come to the conclusion that you only need to answer the first question: Who do you trust more? 1,174 more words

why the Libertarian Party Fails

why the Libertarian Party Fails

Americans for a Free Republic ^ | August 14, 2014 | Nelson HultbergPosted on 8/21/2014, 11:34:41 AM by Nelson Hultberg… 814 more words

Alternate News

Student arrested for writing essay about hunting a dinosaur

With a gun. (cue gasps and screams of hysterical, emotionally unstable neurotics)

It is without irony that in our modern culture we stick our noses up at previous generations, as if having a smartphone makes you smarter than the tribal savage who at least is honest enough to admit he has no idea of how it works, and speaks of the terror-filled McCarthy Era where everyone and their sister was apparently being accused of subversion. 294 more words


Welcome to the Black Market. What can we do for each other?

I grew up hearing about the Black Market.  Generally it was spoken of in terms of drugs or stolen items, the occasional human heart and such things.  842 more words


Bionic Mosquito Ponders a World Without The State

Here’s a great post by bionic mosquito where he offers some possible ways we could function without central planners. For more on this topic listen to our interview with Dr. 13 more words