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Why I like Ralph Naders proposed Anti-Corporatist Left-Right Alliance

It has come to my attention that Ralph Nader (the consumer advocate and repeat third party candidate who regardless of what one thinks of him really needs no introduction) has recently put out a book titled: … 436 more words


Has Freedom Finally Arrived? No, We’ll Have to Bring It!

Originally Found at CATO HERE.

The New York Times wonders if the libertarian moment has arrived. Unfortunately, there’ve been false starts before.

Ronald Reagan’s election seemed the harbinger of a new freedom wave. 

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These people are animals...REALLY???

By Kenneth Justice

~ Yesterday the coffee house was buzzing with conversation connected to the American Journalist put to death by the hands of ISIS. 968 more words


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An EXCELLENT post from the Culture Monk! Hopefully he is starting a conversation that we all really ought to be having. I completely agree with his comments about the news media (mainstream news media) and I am SO glad we now have the internet to help us learn the truth about what's going on in the world and to bypass the lies the psychopaths in power wish us to believe. I have been promoting the libertarian outlook for a long time. I think they deserve at LEAST the opportunity to have their views known in the public forum. The mainstream news media does all it can to discredit their views and label any politician who espouses them as a 'nutjob'! Who's nuts" Someone who believes in freedom and liberty. or someone who prefers to use FORCE on every issue?

I'm Gay Friendly, not Pro Gay

Farm couple fined $13,000 for not holding same sex marriage

To borrow a phrase from the President… “Let me be clear.”

I’m not pro-gay. I’m not anti-gay. 1,065 more words

Ranking the 2014 South Carolina Candidates for Governor - Pairwise Comparison Scorecard

As you proceed through this candidate selection exercise, you might come to the conclusion that you only need to answer the first question: Who do you trust more? 1,201 more words