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The incredible pace of bitcoin innovation

I was listening to an EconTalk podcast today guest starring Marc Andreessen (Venture Capital and the Digital Future), a prominent venture capitalist. Marc mentioned a seminal article of his: … 721 more words


Sex, Drugs and Liberty

Last week the New York Times endorsed the legalization of marijuana. Jeffrey Miron in The Week follows that with a persuasive case for some form of legalization of all recreational drugs… 562 more words

Religious Right

REVIEW: 'The Break' - By Sean Gabb

‘The Break’ is the latest book by Sean Gabb, and another that explores another alternate timeline of the UK, as well as the amusing political outcomes of said universe. 479 more words

Video Game Violence and The Real Victims

I love hearing people talk about the dangers of violent video games. There are many issues that I feel completely comfortable laughing about but this one definitely gets there. 1,076 more words