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My Political Evolution

Over the course of a lifetime people change. The forces that effect that change are both internal and external, and the change may be a gradual metamorphosis or a sudden awakening. 917 more words


Australian map of liberalism (vs party)

Based on the liberalism index (freedom-leaning vs control-leaning) from the ABC Vote Compass data, Jack Mackay (https://www.facebook.com/jack.mackay.378) has created a map of the electorates coloured by their rank on the liberalism index. 178 more words


A surprising example of women choosing money over status, childcare edition.

There is a strange local phenomenon where I live (whitopia) in which women working desk jobs are taking lower pay and fewer hours than those jobs paid and provided during the housing bubble and even through the crash, while women offering nanny or babysitting services are asking for higher wages and more hours, and getting them. 251 more words