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Cramping the Agenda: Organizing for A Viable Third-Party

Lets take a little break from the musings of everyday philosophy and look into the spectrum of political philosophy. Russell Brand has his book out called Revolution calling for a revolution to overcome the political ideologies already in place. 955 more words

Ayn Rand's Selfishness: No Common Good, No Self-Sacrifice, and No God

  by Andy Gustafson

I have quite a few libertarian friends.  Libertarianism has a wide history, and a wide spectrum of diversity.  But usually Political libertarians today are generally for maximum personal freedom, and minimum government.   387 more words

Ayn Rand

God's Political Affiliation

Okay — let’s get this election controversy settled once and for all. Here’s a ballot regarding God’s Political Affiliation.

Those of you who care about the election results will reblog this. 49 more words

L. Stewart Marsden

iOwntheworld.com Has Gotten a Makeover

Fans of iOwntheworld should take note and update their bookmarks accordingly.

The informative and often hilarious website is now iotwreport.

I’ve updated their image in my banner links section and I offer a hearty congratulations to BigFurHat and all of his co-bloggers. 18 more words


If America Hadn't Gone to War

Let’s suppose that, in each major military conflict involving America, the United States had opted to stay out of it. What might have happened?

• War Between the States, 1861-1865 — The Confederacy secedes from the Union; the North does nothing; the South soon rids itself of slavery without bloodshed (as did nearly every other slave-owning nation in the Western Hemisphere during that period, labor now plentiful and much cheaper than keeping slaves). 545 more words