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Gary Johnson: Cry Me A River

Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for President in 2012, just published an op-ed in the Washington Times in which he griped about not having been given enough free air time in the 2012 Presidential elections.  1,460 more words


VRWC - Maryland Governor Race, Death from #Obamacare, @QuintonReport, and MD Candidate Terry DeGraw

The band’s back together tonight for the start of the Free State Radio broadcast week. Not only do we have one quest, but two.

We’ll touch on what… 71 more words

“I think the hereditary peers did a wonderful job. The only House of Lords reform I’d like is to kick out all the life peer trash, restore the hereditaries, and repeal the Parliament Acts.” – Dr Sean Gabb

The Constitution: What's next?

Here comes some supreme butthurt – the constitution doesn’t protect you. Neither do police, the military, or any other entity you can think of. How’s that feel? 1,031 more words

Marxist Millennials?

There’s nothing more embarrassing than the left’s periodic flirtation with Marxism. Anytime a skeptical critique of capitalism is given a quasi credible veneer, the left goes nuts and forgets that their most successful (and cynical) tactic of the past hundred years has been to hide their very real and very confused… 670 more words

SB 1714 to Reach Senate Floor

Craft Brewery Bill Heading to Senate Floor

Do you want to know who is getting the most money from this small business harming bill? Read the Analysis of SB 1714… 54 more words