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Libertarian Student Activists Rally at National Convention

A crowd of college kids screamed and cheered, belting out chants and pumping their fists. The energy in the room was palpable. Some craned their necks to get a better view and others nudged their friends in excitement. 331 more words

Welcome to Election 2014!

I haven’t posted since the last election cycle in 2012, mostly because I try to only use this during elections, but I expect that if I get elected I’ll post here between elections, too. 95 more words

Concealed Carry

Just got my concealed carry permit. Why would I feel the need to carry concealed? There are several reasons.

1) I believe people have a right to defend themselves. 173 more words

The positives & negatives of assigning labels

I’m for assigning labels to myself and other people if the label is accurate. In fact, they help us determine where one stands. I am a ‘voluntaryist’ which means I believe in win-win negotiation in a decentralized economy. 761 more words


Legendary investor Charlie Munger on the advantage of capitalism

From The Psychology of Human Misjudgment:

The extreme success of free-market capitalism as an economic system owes much to its prevention of many of bad effects from…

133 more words

Why I don't debate on Facebook (and you probably shouldn't, either)

Back in the day (my college days) I loved using Facebook. I also loved writing rants in the notes section. Furthermore, my politics were neo-conservative, pro-war, and pro-George W. 2,261 more words