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Do We Really Need That? Department of Agriculture

I talk to people almost on a daily basis, who just take it for granted that the government does what it does because it would not be convenient or profitable for that task, whatever that task is, to be done privately. 1,248 more words


Episode 251 - Back to news and views

As I start on the next 250 shows, I go back to my roots, giving my views on the news. This week the topics are Bowe Bergdahl,  the dangers of cheap oil, the terror links of the new Saudi king, the shocking true costs of Obamacare and Obama’s college scam. 16 more words


Results of Health Insurance Poll

Tonight I fielded the question to my Facebook community, Do you believe health insurance is a right of every American citizen or do you believe that it is a privilege for those who can afford it?  251 more words

Anti-Libertarian Argument Makes Faulty Assumptions: Anarchy is about Rules, Not Rulers

Most objections to libertarianism consist of ad hominem attacks - that is, attacking the person and/or their intentions rather than the argument. When this fails, objections generally run toward… 560 more words


Lions of Liberty Podcast: Raeford Davis – Ex Police Officer, Libertarian, Drug War Opponent

Here’s the latest from Marc Clair of Lions of Liberty:

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, host Marc Clair welcomes in Raeford Davis, a former police officer who is a libertarian and a vocal opponent of the War on Drugs. 90 more words

Political Badger

Violence in the US in a down-trend

Wonder why the mainstream media hasn’t picked this up…