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How to: Casual Sex

My last post on relationships / cheating / communication was the most popular in the last five posts or so.  I know, you want juicy stuff as opposed to pictures of fantastic food (though I maintain that tasty food is one the great joys in this life.)  I think you’ll find that communication (and a lack thereof) remains a major theme in many of these posts as it directly affects the success of probably 90% of human social interaction. 2,274 more words


You Get What You Pay For - Part 1: Women

You probably already know I don’t subscribe to any specific theology, but I will be the first to tell you that world and the universe are alive and connected to you (along with everyone else.)  I don’t see karma as the divine reward/retribution that many portray it as because it’s very black and white (and this is, after all, the grey area.)  But what I do see is that in this world, you get what you pay for.   1,056 more words


Quote: What is Grace?

The three gospels that were present in the first-century church are still with us today: the gospel of legalism, the gospel of libertinism, and the gospel of lordship and liberty (which is the gospel that both Jesus and Paul preached).  375 more words



… I had to figure out what this was about. I wanted to write and I wanted to write for people that both do and don’t know me. 760 more words


Fashion Month from Paris to New York: The Bold, Bolder, Boldest: Carolina Herrera, Nicholas K Studio, Libertine & Carmen Marc Valvo

Paris, Paris, Paris! Today,  fashion month finally came to a screeching halt in Paris, France! And I can’t wait to share all the juicy details from this adventurous month. 797 more words

BOS Fashion

We're Calling It: Pom Poms Will be Everywhere This Fall

For better or worse, there’s truth to the idea that fashion takes itself entirely too seriously, but there are certain hints that prove there’s a sense of humor lurking in the depths of even the most high-end designer’s repertoire. 156 more words


"Going There"… Your Friends’ Exes

Your friend fucks your ex, what do you do? I’m sure you’ll say you’d take the high road, believing that the past is the past and everyone has a right to move on. 725 more words