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Irrelevant Congress

News radio plays the pathetic bleating of Congress begging the president to consult them before resuming the war in Iraq. Republican senators promise a speedy approval of whatever the president wants. 272 more words


Fukuyama’s Mandarins

Francis Fukuyama has a lengthy piece in Foreign Affairs this month called “America in Decay.” His diagnosis is that our government has too many checks and balances, too much diffusion of power, to get things done. 475 more words


Worklight 6.2 no runtime environments found and various other issues with some solutions

Worklight 6.2 is released and full of awesome new stuff so I wanted to try it out. I had a Worklight 6.1 project and planned on migrating that to 6.2 and deploy it to a SLES 11 Linux on System z instance in a Worklight 6.2 Server running as follows: 489 more words


Installing nano on linux for System z

For a long time nano has been my favourite command line editor.

However when I am working with linux for System z I am usually forced into using vi – which I find a pain as it slows me down and simply is not the editor of choice for me. 188 more words


How the Affordable Care Act Reduces Our Liberty

Excellent post by Chris Conover of Forbes on how the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, will impact individual liberty.

How the Affordable Care Act Reduces Our Liberty.