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Putting Your House On The Market - A General Contractor Perspective

It is that time again…homes hitting the resale market.  On our street alone, we have 4 homes that have just been listed.  Spring going into summer is when buyers start looking and sellers start listing.  741 more words

Jay Wantland

Ranch Might Have Been US "Tahrir" Square

I wasn’t available for comment this weekend, but the Bundy Ranch “stand-off” got my attention. I hope it got a whole lot of people’s attention. 301 more words


Obama-Girl No Longer a Fan

Remember “Obama-Girl?” Well, she’s not a big fan of the President anymore. The video below is a worthwhile watch, because I believe it accurately portrays a growing percentage of the electorate – especially the young electorate. 67 more words


Paul the Jail Bird Apostle

The Bible is filled with passages I struggle with. Thus is the “plight” of the thinking Christians, that we cannot just walk lock-step with what others tell us the Bible says, that we must either ignore these passages, blindly obey them, or seek to understand them. 236 more words



I’m laying down the subject of Article V to move on to another.

Although I have spent a great deal of time and effort looking into Article V, I think it’s important to say that I am not convinced that such a movement will fix anything in our society. 182 more words

Common Sense

Understanding Liberty

Perhaps you’ve heard that America is a “free” nation. Really?

I don’t feel very free when I’m told that if I heat my home with wood, I can be fined because my neighbor objects, but if I object to his diesel furnace, I can’t complain and he won’t be fined. 218 more words


Presidential Dictatorship

The Founders imagined the presidency with precious little power and constantly under the threat of impeachment because his strongest opponent was the vice-president looking over his shoulder, who held the power to call the Senate into session. 349 more words