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Finding Freedom

“The pursuit of freedom comes from the liberty of free speech.” –Cliff Harrison


Words Have Meaning And Stuff

Name and Place for Tuesday, November 25 (’14)

Many times amid the hubbub circulating on the Internet these days concerning man’s autonomous freewill and ability to choose God, we forget to look to past brothers who have eloquently smashed that concept of “freewill” with such grace and fervor. 452 more words

Name And Place


I’m sorry, but it is the color of your skin.
As beautiful as it is, it will never allow you to fit in.
Even if you are a natural born citizen, you will still be treated like an experiment. 297 more words

It’s Thanksgiving, Where is God in my life?

The Thanksgiving season is upon us, and we have plenty to be thankful for.  Besides the usual thanksgiving festivities of friends, family, football, and food, we always take the time to declare the blessings that God has done in our lives. 527 more words

Jesus Christ

The "Press to Connect" Concept--It's Like Having an Amazing Conversation over Coffee...with Your Horse

True liberty with horses, says Jonathan Field, is much more than simply removing equipment and stepping outside the pen or arena: It is moving with… 473 more words

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A Humble Opinion


This word is oft misunderstood to mean fact and or fiction. Opinion though is in fact just that. An opinion. When this author issues an opinion it is an attempt to show a viewpoint, a way to see things from my perspective and through the lenses of the facts I know. 386 more words


Entrepreneurship 911 (aka The Chicago Way)

“Gibbs me datt. And datt. And I’ll juss take datt, ‘to’…”

Ferguson, MO 24 nov 2014

When everything you possess has been given to you (or taken by you), of course you have no respect for the property rights of others. 27 more words