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Trivum Google Ad Nostrum

It is not hard to notice that the governing of this part of the planet is based upon trivial minutia. The Kardashian’s (who?), overlaid upon the teapot tempests of marginal splinter groups being given undue weight by the artificially manufactured daily opinions of the electronic airwaves giving illusory weight to concerns insignificant to the algorithmically silenced majorities. 412 more words

Social Commentary


Terry de Havilland for Liberty London. Collection now available in store and online at Liberty.


I walk down the street and it starts raining, just like it does every day.
And just like I would’ve done every day, I go home, work, then sleep and start it all over again. 99 more words

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Everyone has the right to life, according to the Declaration of Independence. There’s no question that murder is a crime and an abomination. So why do we allow abortion to continue in this country? 623 more words

Private Governance: Political Badger Talks Anarchy and Economics with Edward Stringham

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Edward Stringham of Texas Tech University.  We covered a variety of topics including his forthcoming book entitled Private Governance, published by Oxford University Press.   18 more words


Devotional day 23---OPEN HEAVENS

Text: Job 34:34

Wisdom is not enough without understanding, both stages are incorporated for your life to be greatly manifested! You might know the many but God knows the “very” many; there is always an upper hand so that’s why we all need to sit at His feet and be taught the right steps to take and how to sustain them! 108 more words