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Our heroes bold, those men of yore

Brave soldiers who did wage the war

They fought and died to make us free

And won for us our liberty ! 75 more words


Week 1, Day 6: I'm a moron

Today I spent most of the day out on the town, in real life. However, I came online in the evening to find our good old friend… 229 more words


Less is More

There we were, winding our way up the mountain in a casual, methodical gesture. Our skin graced by a film of dirt and river water, hair styled by the wind herself, and eau de sweat/outdoors filled the confined space of the car. 490 more words


Buy Local, Eat Local, Educate Local

Sustainability.  Freedom.  Liberty.  Health.  Carbon footprint.  All reasons we hear to encourage buying locally produced food and goods.  Why is there seldom any discussion about the need to move the power of education to the local level?   246 more words