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How the big bankers have dictated government policies for the past century, no matter who is president

An excellent interview on USAWatchdog.com with the super-smart former Wall Street exec Nomi Prins about her new book, All the Presidents’ Bankers. (Or should it be: … 27 more words



Section 25 comes alive…

“His back began to ache and he sat on the bed after switching in the light. He felt a sense of resonance with the words of a poem that accompanied the account. 67 more words


Les boutons de manchettes Margaret et Annie

Alerte aux couleurs d’été : les boutons de manchette en tissu Liberty Margaret et Annie.

Passez aux boutons de manchettes qui donnent du peps ! 28 more words

Les Coups De Coeur Du Professeur

College Feminism

Yesterday on my campus I saw one of the most disgraceful displays I have ever seen. It began with a pro-life organization putting up 3600 flags on the quad field to represent all the fetuses that are aborted each day. 1,205 more words

Ontario's neoliberalism: Coercive, Intense

Do you ever wonder why policing budgets rise in Ontario when the crime rate falls?

At Illuminated By Street Lamps, I argue Ontario has been, and remains, among the jurisdictions at the forefront of a business-friendly neoliberal agenda in Canada, despite rising structural unemployment, major challenges in the core manufacturing sector and a drop to a so-called have-not province within Canada’s federal framework. 118 more words


Bundy Stand Off and Beyond

I’m getting political.  This is my blog so I get to write about whatever I want :P  Anyway, I’ve got to comment on the Bundy Ranch standoff, I mean it was in Nevada after all.  656 more words

Freedom And Liberty

State-Enforced Atheism

Carry a bible in school, get harassed and threatened. Once again atheists are enforcing their religion.

Your not allowed to express or even display Christian faith on school grounds. 8 more words