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Tip: Use virt-builder to install Fedora packages from updates-testing

Virt-builder ≥ 1.26 now lets you flexibly edit configuration files before you install packages. (1.24 didn’t). So finally you can enable the Fedora updates-testing repository… 94 more words

a-fedora-appliance updated for supermin 5

a-fedora-appliance is a supermin demonstration Fedora appliance.

I have scratch-built a Fedora RPM here which is just a 235K download but contains (by magic! 48 more words

libguestfs 1.26 released

Yesterday the new stable version of libguestfs (1.26) was released. There are many new features and you can find the release notes here.

On this blog I’ve covered a lot of the new features already: 126 more words

Using virt-customize to make custom guests with a single backing file

Yesterday I hinted that virt-customize could be used to make custom guests sharing a single backing file. Here is how you do that.

Firstly download a cloud image, or use… 195 more words

New tool: virt-customize

The final big feature of libguestfs 1.26 has arrived. Virt-customize is the customization bits from virt-builder, in a separate program. This lets you take any virtual machine and install packages, edit configuration files, run scripts, set passwords and so on. 125 more words

Analysis of the size of libguestfs dependencies

In libguestfs ≥ 1.26 we are going to start splitting the package up into smaller dependencies. Since the full libguestfs package has lots of dependencies because it has to be able to process lots of obscure filesystems, the question is how best to split up the dependencies? 675 more words

Transactions with guestfish

I was asked a few days ago if libguestfs has a way to apply a group of changes to an image together. The question was really about transaction support — applying a group of changes and then… 450 more words