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Foreign flower, I coax you open,
You wrap me in your luscious petals,
Your musky kiss, we seep and drip,
Lost in folds of wicked fragrance

©Anthony Gorman 2014


7 Ways To Boost Testosterone & Sex Drive Naturally...

Do you find yourself too busy, too tired, or too distracted for sex? Or does your drive just not seem to be there like it used to? 459 more words

Advice & Tips

Dissociative Identity Disorder and the Libido

(Trigger warning. This talk about sex is pretty generic, but please use care.)

My wife and I have been married for over 26 years. Sex has always been a source of stress for both of us. 1,254 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

You Won't Believe This: These Foods Decrease Your Sex Drive

Say you know the old adage: You are what you eat. The saying is true. What goes in affects our daily lives, appearance and overall wellbeing. 382 more words

Sex Life

Out of the Asexual Closet

There are a lot of (mis)preconceived notions out there on sexuality. Especially though when it comes to Asexuality. Here is where I am going to educate because a famous writer once said if you truly have the desire to know about something, the best thing to do is write a book on it. 563 more words

Dear Diary

We Made Up That Night

We made up that night,

In fireworks and white flags,

The moment stole surrounding air,

Our masks melted together,

A plastic wax, burned past our eyelids, 131 more words



You can’t love a volcano,

Anymore than you can tame it,

You can’t contain its damage,

Anymore than you can name it,

And if you burn, you learn, 25 more words