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Increase Your Libido!

Do you feel that there are times when sex just does not interest you? If you are suffering from lowered libido, or your sex drive just does not seem to be as strong as it used to be, the foods you eat could help you increase your sex drive. 352 more words


Sexe et jogging

C’est lundi, c’est la fin de l’année… Les nouvelles sont plutôt déprimantes avec un autre fou de dieu qui veut avoir son 15 minutes de télévision. 44 more words


My Libido!

“Hi kids, do you like riots? Wanna see me stick nice words which slay your vitals? Wanna copy me in exactly what I did, become me and loose identity like bygones?” 182 more words

Randome Shizzle

Help Your Libido with Food

Intercourse is one of life’s most essential human capacities. Other than the paramount occupation of reproduction, sex brings joy and can develop sentiments of closeness with your accomplice. 250 more words


When they come to make the boardgame of my life

When they come to make the boardgame of my life, for Brussels they will have squares for Hotel le Dome, the Hotel Metropole, the Cine ABC, Gascogne, California (once when I was leaving I didn’t see they had half-closed the shutters and smashed my head against it; the insides of those shutters probably still have some traces of my blood in it; there will be much more of my DNA inside as well, I expect), the Empire, the Justice Palace, the Modern Art Museum, the Wiertz Museum! 14 more words

Natural Aphrodisiacs to Boost Your Low Libido

Do you or your partner have a low sexual libido? There work natural aphrodisiacs that you can make use of that will certainly have your desire for each other much better than it has ever been in your relationship. 49 more words

12 Weird Things That Actually Get People Horny

There are many strange things affect your libido, like food (avocados), smells (petrol and paint), switching your medication, career changes and so much more. What tends to raise and lower your libido also is very unique to you. 429 more words