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God's Story has a Villain

Like every great story, God’s story has a villain. The villain in God’s story is Satan. From the very beginning, Satan has had a sole diabolical purpose—to entice us to live our lives outside of God’s plan. 415 more words

Holy Libido By Rod

Curiosity is the libido of art

People approach the arts generally in one of two ways: with taste and judgment or with curiosity.

You can spot the first group by the arch of their eyebrow, the second group by the gleam in their eye. 813 more words

Verity Disrobed

The sun was glistening on my codpiece as I strolled to Bishopsgate,
For a round of peccadilloes, yet another tete-a-tete,
For someone most salacious clothed only in bare skin, 382 more words



July 16

The past two weeks have been crazy hectic. I’ve had to study because it’s that time of the semester where tests pop up unexpectedly and I wonder what spirit made me go pick the course I’m doing. 830 more words

Dear Diary

4 Helpful Ways to Power Up Sex Drive in Women

Many women experience a drop in their libido as they increase in age. There are countless changes in your body that take place throughout menopause due to a shift in hormonal activity. 318 more words

Sex And Relationships

The promise of lust

I don’t know exactly when it shifted, and I definitely don’t know why. I tend to put a definite cut off around 2008, since the 2008-09 episode was so profound, lasted so long, and smothered me; like sleep, under morphine. 924 more words