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How Attraction to the Opposite Sex Works

When we meet someone from the opposite sex, either we instantly find them attractive or not. Sure there are obviously handsome and gorgeous people around but let’s face it, we have our own standards when it comes to finding the person who we want to have a relationship with or just to find that person who we want to… 636 more words


How to Maintain Optimal Sexual Health

The best way to maintain optimal sexual health is to keep the rest of your body healthy. Health issues in other areas of the body affect your sexual health, especially the genital area ( 505 more words

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Superfood Series: Goji Berries

Goji Berries

There are very few times that I do not have Goji Berries in my home. These super amazing power fruits are wonderful for your libido, your eyes, your immune system… pretty much your whole body! 290 more words

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Sexual Combat in Episode 2 of Captain Earth

Spectacle and tradition are key parts of the super-robot aesthetic; their presence and quality is what defines the action, and their absence is usually part of a key plot point (a good example is how a series such as Evangelion or Rahxephon will avoid showing the graphic methods of their “heroic” robots and instead let the reactions and consequences tell the story). 1,114 more words

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I am absolutely addicted to my magazines, and as I flicked through Glamour this evening I came across a piece on a summer sex check list and what I have found out is mind blowing – or could be… Ladies, listen up! 207 more words

Top Ten Things to Do to Survive a Dry Spell in Marriage from the Wife’s Perspective - Guest Post

My friend V. L. Holt (her bio is at the bottom), who also wrote this guest post, “Sex as Rocket Science“, recently went through a short dry spell in her intimate life with her husband.  816 more words

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Some Moments for Women in 2014

I know, I know, we aren’t even half-way through April yet. But there have been some pretty awesome moments for women so far this year. Even when a not-so-awesome thing happens (I’m looking at you, Mike Huckabee), the response to it is what’s more important, in my opinion. 340 more words