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Meet....Diana Wood

MusiCB3: What has your road to librarianship been?

It was a short and uneventful, if rather serendipitous one. I’d just finished a music degree and PGCE, and knew I didn’t want to teach, but beyond that had no idea what I was going to do next. 821 more words

Library of Congress cooks CDs in quest to save them | CNET

CDs may not be the first thing to come to mind when you think of the Library of Congress, but it houses more than 500,000. The extensive collection includes everything from music to maps and labs where researchers are destroying CDs to learn how to preserve them, CBS News Jim Axelrod reports. 94 more words


Library Tourism - The British Library

Over the summer I spent a weekend in London. It was kind of a last minute thing and I have to say I really enjoyed the trip, even if I was exhausted when we got home again. 247 more words


Librarians as delegates

A few posts back I mentioned Patrick Wilson’s 1983 book Second-Hand Knowledge [link], in which he argues that librarians ought to pay more attention to cognitive authority. 1,458 more words


7 Things #librarians Are Tired of Hearing by Ellyssa Kroski

  • We’ve all heard them. Probably more than once or twice. These are the reactions and responses librarians receive when they introduce themselves to those who aren’t in the field.
  • 93 more words

The library boring?

Back when I was working on my credentials to be a school librarian, I shared that information with someone and their response was “why would you want to do that, isn’t it really boring.” Today I think of that comment and laugh. 238 more words


LIS Practitioners and Scholars Support Steven Salaita | Sarah T. Roberts | The Illusion of Volition

LIS Practitioners and Scholars Support Steven Salaita | Sarah T. Roberts | The Illusion of Volition.

“As Library and Information Science (LIS) practitioners, students and scholars, we are committed to the principles of our field: to the free access to and flow of information and to the intellectual freedom of all. 41 more words