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Fieldwork Guide

A few months ago, I started creating a fieldwork guide for my undergraduate anthropology and sociology students who were starting fieldwork before taking a methods course. 153 more words


Instructional Design in the Real World

There are elements of instructional design in many aspects of our lives. Many things that we see day-to-day, are elements that teach us or direct us how to complete certain tasks. 617 more words

Blog #1


I went to the movies yesterday. This is big news from me, because the last film I saw in its entirety was Jet Li’s Hero. Before I go back to a movie theater, I must buy earplugs. 176 more words

I’ve just discovered a new blog which publishes a weekly round-up of library-related news and blogs from various areas of librarianship including library theory, library tech, academic libraries and public libraries (to name a few). 70 more words

Mirror Image

20-odd years ago I came across the concept The World Wide Web, hailed as being a world-changing invention. All knowledge was to be available to everyone, to be accessed everywhere, all by the touch of a keyboard. 271 more words

The Title of the Blog

Today I’m thrilled to be featured – in very good company – on Storytime Underground‘s weekly links roundup. Y’all made my day; thank you for the vote of… 218 more words

The Profession

Reflections of a Book Reviewer

I recently turned in my last review for Library Journal. After eight years and over fifty reviews, I have decided to call it quits so I can focus on other aspects of my career. 516 more words