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Establishing My USP

You’ll see from the pages on this website that I’m very enthusiastic about social media, and I author several other blogs.  However, they’re not all equally active.  287 more words


The Transition From AACR2 to RDA and How it Affects End Users

The Transition from AACR2 to RDA and

How it Affects End Users

Kelly Bryan

University of Richmond

Libraries have had an especially difficult time keeping pace with technology, most notably, in terms of the difficulties patrons face when conducting research on library OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) systems. 1,873 more words


The Summer of Data!

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Last Friday marked three months since I began work as FSU’s data services librarian. Like my 7th grade PE coach always said, “time flies when you’re having fun”. 915 more words

Blogging What I Do, Day 4

8:30 AM – Into the office, and deleting as much email as possible. A lot came in overnight and a lot of it is spam or listservs I’m not really active in. 374 more words


Resistance is futile?

With the news (archives and records  google group; archiveslive) that a review into whether the State Records South Australia and State Library of SA should be combined, questions about convergence, assimilation and collaboration are once again on the Australian archival agenda. 707 more words

Access To Archives

Blogging What I Do, Day 3

8:30 AM – Into the office.  I have an OLA Hackfest planning call at 9:30 and haven’t done much thinking about what needs doing, so I’m trying to take some notes while deleting the dozens of spam messages that seem to get through the filters between midnight and 6 AM. 300 more words


Blogging What I Do, Day 2

Yesterday was too meeting-heavy to be worth reporting on, but I thought I’d step back in to this today. Exercising the writing muscle and all that. 451 more words