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Hip Hop pedagogy + library instruction

Here are some sources that are informing¬†my thinking on incorporating Hip Hop pedagogy into library instruction…can you think of any others I should check out? 418 more words


Crazy Shenanigans and a Promotion

New news! One of my¬†favorite co-workers is semi-retiring next month. While that means I’m bummed she’s leaving, it also means that I am getting promoted to her position AND full time hours. 225 more words


That is the response I get from many librarians when I tell them I’m interested in medical librarianship. Health sciences, medical and hospital libraries are the red-headed step children of the library world, apparently. 696 more words


This interactive luncheon presentation provides an extensive tutorial on the dining etiquette skills needed when meeting potential clients, colleagues or employers in professional networking settings. The full dining tutorial includes how to navigate table settings, properly hold silverware for each course, how to eat various foods, and how to graciously toast your host.

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Why is a raven like a writing desk?

“Now, what else is the whole life of man but a sort of play? Actors come on wearing their different masks and all play their parts until the producer orders them off the stage, and he can often tell the same man to appear in different costume, so that now he plays a king in purple and now a humble slave in rags. 48 more words


What a Load of Crock

Last week, along with others I received my 5 Year Service Award for working with the City. (I cannot believe it has been that long!) With the increase vacation and sick leave benefits, employees also picked out a gift of their choosing from a catalog. 102 more words