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Tell us your experiences!

What do you think of when you hear the words “public library”? When did you last visit yours? What was the reason for your visit? Tell us in the comments!


Hmm, something's missing here . . .

I was at the library today browsing the science fiction / fantasy section. I noticed that somebody had put tags under books of note, giving a “teaser” sentence or two. 60 more words

A President-to-be and his Mistress

President Warren G. Harding died in office in 1923 (heart failure). Corruption was already unraveling his administration as the Teapot Dome Scandal broke that year. Suspicion about Harding’s personal life was also burgeoning, centered around reports of his drinking (Prohibition was federal law at the time) and relations with women other than his wife. 79 more words


Libraries at the Beach

I came across this article when it was published, and then it came through the work email about a week later.  I think it is a wonderful idea.  66 more words


Carnival protest and libraries

On Saturday I ventured out into the tropical Manchester heat.

There was a slight hitch at the bus stop when the notable lack of 192’s heading up or down the A6 became noticeable. 591 more words


What books are Montrealers taking out from the libraries?

If you believe Montreal’s public libraries, our city is crazy about manga.

And kids, despite all the hand-wringing about video games and personal tech, are still very much interested in the written word. 756 more words