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Discovery or delivery

Catching up this week with some of the things from last week’s UKSG conference so I’ve been viewing some of the presentations that have been put up on YouTube at… 363 more words


World Book Night

Last night was World Book Night. To my knowledge, no one in my community or the surrounding area participates in World Book Night. I had never heard of it before, and I don’t recall how I found out about it. 281 more words


labour happy to swing the tory's cuts axe

Doncaster Council’s elected Labour Mayor and her majority party councillors have been happily swinging the Tory’s ‘cuts axe’ at the same targets as the tories themselves, i.e. 116 more words

Tory Scum

How To Write A Damn Good Yiddish Historical Mystery

Author: James N. Frey
Date: 2006
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Length: 271 pages
Size: 8-½”x5”

Truth in advertising.

Rating: אױ גװאַלד



Information = water

Speaking metaphorically, information providing institutions (IPI) have become all-you-can-drink water stops.

Wether it is packaged in a plastic bottle, mass-fed through a public aqueduct, or ingested intravenously through an IV, it is all there regardless if you are just thirsty or being forced to drink an assignment. 131 more words


Our Library Ecosystem Is Under Threat by Barbara K. Stripling

  • The sounds of libraries today reveal the impact of libraries throughout our lives — from the excited giggles of toddlers in storytimes to the “aha’s!” of young people engaged in inquiry to the quiet conversations of senior citizens discovering new authors and using computers to research.
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What Will Become of the Library? How it will evolve as the world goes digital by Michael Agresta

  • Around the turn of the 20th century—a golden age for libraries in America—the Snead Bookshelf Company of Louisville, Ky., developed a new system for large-stack library shelving.
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