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Library Skills and the Common Core

(photo courtesy of PSCC Library Blog)

Well, after a looong day of trying to teach library skills (wow, what are those?!) to 1st through 6th grade students, I wanted to cry! 126 more words

This is not shabby chic.

I made a depressing discovery the other day.

I’m not sure what took me so long to shed my apparently willful ignorance. I had seen Etsy listings for digital facsimiles of manuscript documents, being sold for digital scrapbooking or even printing out for physical crafts. 456 more words


Can I blog in a pod, that is the question?

I am in search of a new place to call my own for blog writing. It’s quite wrenching after so many years at the Tik Talk to have to go forth and sample other environments until I find the right one — like that girl who trespassed in the bears’ house. 982 more words


reading serendipitously + plant sketching, a bit of yoga and that train thing

(water colours, view from the train, NYC to Chicago, 10/13)

**** Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance - “delicious entertainment for the Amtrak ride”

*** Americanah - “worth reading despite the tiresome soul mates” 24 more words


Düşler Akademisi Kaş Kütüphanesi @duslerkas

  • 2013-2014 yılında eski Çukurbağ İlkokulunu bir yaşayarak öğrenme ve uygulama merkezine dönüştüren 2008’den beri çözüm ortaklığı devam eden bu mobil uygulama, bölgesel kalkınma ve sivil toplum üçgeni başta Kaymakamlık ve belediye olmak üzere yerel yönetimin de aktif katılımı ile güçlü ve AYDER, TVV ve UNDP ile engelsiz yaşam yolculuğu serüvenine devam ediyor.
  • 188 more words

New Library Catalog: Reminder to Faculty, Update Blackboard + Syllabi Links

Chesnutt Library launched a new online catalog this summer. While you may still be able to access the old catalog (for now), please be reminded to update any Blackboard or syllabi content that links to the Library’s Catalog, book titles, e-Reserves, etc. 53 more words

True Life: I'm a Book Bandit

Okay guys, it’s confession time. I’m an outlaw. I know, I know,  you’re all shocked. Allow me to explain.

Back in the day, just like many of you, I used to be twelve. 350 more words