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'When Irreplaceable History Lives On in Obsolete Tech'

Another fascinating story on important historical and cultural artifacts in danger of disappearing because of obsolete technology. Again, why I am in library school:

How much more irreplaceable information, whether historical treasures or family moments, resides on obsolete formats, decaying in archives and closets?

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French Night

July 28, 2014

The last Monday of each month is French Night at my local library. I have been watching French movies*, have skimmed a few French articles, and once spoke to a Belgian woman in the grocery store, but have been entirely unwilling to do any studying since leaving Paris. 106 more words

In the Stacks - Art, Events, and Galleries...Oh My!

In the Stacks: A Blog Straight from the Mind of Steve

Hello dear readers! I bring to you today, a wonderful bunch of info in regards to something you probably didn’t know the libraries in Las Vegas even had… Events and Galleries!!! 865 more words


Everyday acts of Lunacy

Sometimes life is waiting to teach you a lesson, the man selling fire extinguishers door to door might be attuned to the emotional  meltdown in your living room,  waged over jaffa cakes  and dead flowers, or it might just be a coincidence but human beings are superstitious animals. 643 more words


Tramming it home

Not quite the same as the tram we caught home from the State Library during the school holidays.

Still, there’s this slipping in and above cuts mid-streets as if in boats that float mid-stream. 137 more words


Best Small Library in America

When I was a kid, before computers were as common as televisions, the library was the place to go for reading, research and wonder. Inside the hushed halls surrounded by knowledge, imagination, art, and the magical books that took me to other worlds, I knew that I was in a special place. 317 more words

Arts & Culture


Neat idea but I don’t like sacrificing the fireplace…unless there’s another…

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