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The Modern Invention of Thanksgiving | JSTOR Daily

“When you think of the history of Thanksgiving, you’d be hard-pressed not to picture funny Pilgrim hats and stereotyped Native Americans. These days, most of us know that the sanitized story we learned in grade school bears little resemblance to the real history of the Plymouth colony. 141 more words


[Podcast] Books on the menu

As many listeners know (and readers of this blog), books are important here at the Coffee Den. First segment features three books and a question, where have all the fathers gone? 123 more words


the best essay collections

I don’t read a whole lot of nonfiction, but I can really get down with a badass essay collection. Forgive me for putting Joan Didion on this list twice, but I can’t help it. 544 more words


Re: Librarians Making Us Proud

In the midst of the turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri, one rock of calm remains: the Ferguson Public Library. Librarian Scott Bonner and his staff have remained open, providing classes, regular library services, and sometimes emotional support for community members. Read the whole story here.


First folio found in France!

In today’s alliterative headlines, a small public library in France has discovered its collections include a first folio of Shakespeare’s plays! The Times has the story.


Draughts in Glasgow

Most Scots are completely unaware that there’s a game at which they were world champions for over a hundred years – the game of draughts. Often regarded as a simple children’s pastime, it is in fact a deep and complex game, every bit as subtle and sophisticated as chess. 160 more words


On compassion

This has been a rough week, hasn’t it?

It’s easy to be angry. It’s easy to be filled with rage. And from my comfy seat on the corner of white and middle-class, it’s even easier to sit back and ignore it. 196 more words

In The Workplace