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IST663 Module 7: If You Lecture, Make it Great

Wow, time has flown by and this is my last blog entry for Motivating 21st Century Learners. It’s been a lot more manageable than I thought! 1,002 more words



One of My First Lessons

*You get the title?! Because LIS has so many acronyms so I made one! Hahaha I need more sleep…

(I really don’t mind the acronyms, though there are a lot, I just need to get used to them)

The Final Countdown: day 7

Day 7: Methodology and Section 3

Tea drunk: 3 cups
Ginger nuts consumed: 4.5
Toasted bagels with Nutella: 1

Listening to: http://www.last.fm/user/tiny_clanger/tracks (primarily Supertramp, as it turns out) 499 more words


Go Ask Alice: A Book Review

Written in the form of diary entries, Go Ask Alice by Anonymous presents the dizzying, and dangerous life of a young girl who becomes addicted to drugs. 305 more words

LIS 9364

The Final Countdown: Days 1 - 6

My dissertation is due on 30th April. This is the final month of re-reading and re-writing! And I thought; what’s librarianship without reflection? So here’s a new series: a reflective look at my final month and thereby a list of thing you Should Not Be Doing Yourself. 490 more words



Sta.tic (adjective) / ˈsta-tik : (1) showing little or no change, action, or progress; (2) of, relating to, or producing static electricity. {source: Merriam-Webster} 326 more words


Push Pin Poetry

April is poetry month! And to celebrate, I created a Push Pin Poetry display for the teens at CADL — where I now substitute: