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Ghosts in the Shelf

As librarians, we love it when our patrons get excited about the materials we purchase for them. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a title we’ve ordered fly off the shelf and accumulate holds; it’s a good sign that we’re on the right track to knowing what our readers want. 503 more words


here we go down the rabbit hole

I made a decision today.  Actually, it was a while in coming, but a decision I made and today I acted upon it.  I finally decided how to categorize my posts. 423 more words

It's The Small Things That Count

Take a Look!

No one should be surprised to hear that I, avid reader and library worker dujour, am SUPER excited about Reading Rainbow’s Kickstarter success. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from watching (and reading along with) this show, and based on the hugely successful online bid to relaunch the program, I know I am not the only one. 199 more words


I'm heading to ALA!

Very early this morning, I’m heading to Las Vegas for the American Library Association Annual Conference.

I’ve been to the YALSA Lit Symposium and Book Expo America, but I’ve never been to the big annual conference. 297 more words

Library Life

sometimes I astonish myself

: I think I want to get books out of the library today.  The fact that I have several bookcases and multiple unread books at home is irrelevant.   321 more words



A contranym is a word that means both itself and its opposite.  I just learned that this afternoon.  I’m sure I’d run across the word and its definition previously, but it didn’t stick until I saw it today in connection with my facebook feed.   780 more words

So That's What You Do All Day