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Fun and inspiring: The Library of Congress online archives

My trip to the Library of Congress building later led me online to explore their equally amazing catalog of images. They have thousands of high-resolution images, from baseball cards to Japanese prints to Spanish civil war posters. 183 more words


Visiting the Library of Congress' Reading Room

Twice a year, on President’s Day and Columbus Day, the stunning Reading Room of the Library of Congress opens its door to the general public. I’d visited the Library of Congress on many occasions but had never gotten a chance to really see the main Reading Room, other than through a glass window on a second floor balcony. 237 more words

DC Life

You'd be amazed to learn how much music is disappearing

For those who think a vinyl, cassette or CD collection in 2014 is worthless, you may want to think again. Vox Media writer, Kelsey McKinney… 39 more words


Weekly Response Post #6 – Classification, Rachel Skinner-O’Neill

Thinking about this week’s readings on classification reminds me, as did last week’s cataloging reading, of Christina Harlow’s assertion during our class in week six: that you can add all the outreach and community service programs to the public librarian skill set that you like but it is knowledge organization that is the foundation of our profession as librarians, be we technical, academic, youth service oriented librarians or busy managing an archive. 267 more words

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