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I'm Reading This

I’ve been a real fan of the library lately (I’m also trying to save some dough) so I’ve got my card & have been exploring what the library has to offer. 114 more words



They told me I would write a poem every day.

After all, it’s what poets do.  Isn’t it?

Yes, well: come what may

My corner of the library will never be well lit. 86 more words


I've been away

I’m sure you’ve noticed. I’ve been gone a while. There’s much and not much to relate, and I think I’ll avoid the travelogue. You’re not reading this anyway. 253 more words

Tying Up Very Loose Ends

As I am making my LA plans which have become very final…I am getting so hesitant.  It’s scary and I am scared- really scared.  I have been incredibly stressed out lately due to multiple factors in my life.   336 more words

Thoughts On Reading Quickly

I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t read as fast as I do. Thank God I can read quickly and retain information simultaneously. 74 more words


Happy Spring

Well, I have good news and bad news. Since I can’t hear you choose, you get to start with the bad. Lucky you right?

The bad news: True to myself, I am still very bad at keeping a blog going. 476 more words