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Just Around the Corner

Christmas is just around the corner, and I’m enjoying the different pace of life that comes with the season; my husband’s work is winding down toward the end of the year, which means he can come home earlier than usual (he works 10+ hours a day, so early is 7:30 pm!); and people seem to relax around this time of the year, too – they’re less stressed, more genial, and become more aware of their fellow man – which is as it should be all year round. 458 more words


Sketchy Living

The Daily Grind

Hustle and bump. Bump and grind. Grind and hmm? ¬†That doesn’t sound like the right way to say I’ve been busy. Then again, I rarely care if things sound right evidenced by the many strange post topics found here. ¬† 842 more words


Securing Yourself with LastPass

LastPass presentation from the Nebraska Library Association Conference presented on 10 October 2014. By Michael Sauers


Bel Canto

Sometimes you read a book by an author you’ve never heard of, just by chance–you grab it off the shelf at a library because the cover is pretty, or it happens to be on an end cap so it catches your eye. 289 more words