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Room is the first Emma Donoghue book I’d read and I knew nothing about it. I think it was actually a good thing that I went into this book blindly, although slightly confusing at the start, it made the realisation of the plot all the more shocking and upsetting. 138 more words


WIP of Library pieces

This is for a 3D platformer Library level. The pink rectangle guy represents the size of the player.


Working hard or hardly working

Reading, writing and learning – that is what university is all about. Necessary, though at times incredibly tedious, study is a key component of university life. 92 more words


Tools of the Trade

‘Tools of the Trade’ encapsulates the somewhat obsessive attributes of your common high-achieving uni student. Often found in their natural habitat of medicine, law, or commerce, they go about their studies under the increasing pressure of competing with their peers, who often double as their friends. 70 more words

Student Life

April 19

I love books. I always have. I was the kind of kid who would, on a Saturday, ride my bike to the library and spend hours roaming the shelves. 287 more words

Money Matters

When the Howland Library began, individuals paid to borrow books.. Beacon resident Craig Wolf describes the different ways the library has been supported.

Oral History

Anime Review: Library Wars

So this anime wasn’t out of this world for me, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The characters were humorous, the plot was decent, and I understood what was occurring 99.9% of the time. 226 more words