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Open source writing

Open Source Writing.

I’ve been working on a deadline this week.

Then here’s a question that popped along the way:  Can we write in fully open source kind of way? 46 more words


Change the icons in LibreOffice toolbars

The newer LibreOffice has those flat icons I find ugly. I like color and perspective in GUIs[1]. The problem is that adding to something that came through a repository[2] can often break the software. 135 more words

Revision and final draft in Scrivener

So the final draft of my novel is coming along, and I’m doing it in Scrivener.

Now, the first draft was written two years back using my usual Gedit + … 511 more words


Spreadsheets and action

I already discussed action sequences and combat and whatnot in a previous post. but we got talking, with my friend Claire, and I described how I use a… 778 more words


New Shavlik Patch (SCUPdates) Package Available – 10/1/2014

• QFF3203 – Mozilla Firefox 32.0.3 – Critical
• QFFE3111 – Mozilla Firefox 31.1.1 ESR – Critical
• QOP2403 – Opera 24.0.1558.64 – Low… 59 more words

Patch And Bulletin Information

LibreOffice Base SQL: JOINing Tables

Today, I will continue the discussion of SQL queries with queries that involve more than one table. The SQL in this post is based on the “TeamMembers” database. 970 more words


Happy Birthday LibreOffice!

In a nice culmination of a month packed with family festivities and a gorgeous community event (our 2014 LibreOffice conference), today is the day that the… 204 more words