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On the Duties of the Clergy by St. Ambrose - Free Catholic Audiobook

Composed about A.D. 391., this treatise of St. Ambrose may as well be called “Concerning Christian Virtues” as it practically offers to the reader a whole bouquet of Christian virtues. 116 more words


The Relations of Saint Teresa of Avila - Free Catholic Audiobook

The Relations (in Spanish Relaciones) is an extention of St Teresa’s Autobiography. In The Relations she tells of her inner and outer experiences in the form of letters. 49 more words


‘SUBSTANCE, SHADOW, AND SPIRIT’ (形影神三首) by Tao Chien

Three poems on SUBSTANCE, SHADOW, AND SPIRIT by Tao Chien

Waley, Arthur, One Hundred & Seventy Poems (London : Constable, 1918) <http://archive.org/details/onehundredsevent00wale> 

Epilogue: High and low, wise and simple, all busily hoard up the moments of life. 445 more words


Audio Books

There are moments when you simply want to listen to a beautiful story instead of reading each word the old fashioned way. If you find yourself in one of these moods, try to find an intriguing text via audiobook. 44 more words


'Returning' by Tao Chien (归去来兮辞)

‘Returning’ by Tao Chien (365-427)
Chinese text with translation from http://www.readchina8.com/LiteratureItems.php?PassId=F796FDA7-2E31-4C4D-82B4-B082610739B1
an alternative online translation could be found at: http://academic.reed.edu/chinese/courses/323/return2.htm

北宋苏轼书《归去来兮辞》。Calligraphy by Su Shi.

《归去来兮辞》扇面 尺寸:纵19.0cm,横52.5cm 时代:明. 991 more words


Countdown by Kurt Becker, S.J. - Free Catholic Science Fiction Audiobook

The first flight to outer space became an actual fact – Mars would be the first stop. But before the spaceship took off, two insane enemies almost succeeded in preventing the departure. 49 more words