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Material Support to Terrorism : The Case of Libya

Clare Lopez  —   April 22, 2014

Libya in 2011 marks the place and the time that the United States (U.S.) and the Obama administration formally switched sides in the Global War on Terror (GWOT). 2,242 more words


Stunner! Benghazi Was a Base for Illegal Arms Shipments to Syria

April 22, 2014 – By Sara Noble

Sen. Rand Paul, was he prescient?

Illegal arms were shipped to Syrian rebels from Libya and this could be the reason… 879 more words


Libya to expel 271 illegal migrants from African countries

Libya plans to expel 271 migrants from sub-Saharan countries in a fresh crackdown on illegal immigration to and through the North African country, state news agency LANA said on Tuesday.The emigrants will be deported to their home countries Chad, Niger, Eritrea, Ghana, Sudan and Nigeria, LANA said, quoting immigration officials.Many migrants from sub-Saharan Africa head to this oil producing country to escape from desperate conditions in their own countries and find work here, or risk the perilous journey across the Mediterranean to Europe.Western powers worry that Islamist militants exploit Libya’s turmoil and lawlessness to get training in the vast desert country or smuggle weapons and fighters via its porous borders to conflict hotspots such as Mali, Sudan or Syria. 12 more words


crazy jihadists who killed gadaffi kidnapping diplomats & controlling libya

you cant beat demockery and progre$$
the crazies that killed gadaffi are now fully in charge
Tawergha people still waiting on justice in obama’s liberated libya… 97 more words

Nigeria Leads AU Debate On Conflict-free Africa – Envoy

Nigeria will on Thursday lead the 15-member  AU Peace and Security Council (AUPSC) on a debate to evolve a mechanism for the effort to attain a conflict-free Africa by 2020, Amb. 19 more words

` Libya Commences Drafting New Constitution to State Libya is a Muslim Country and Sharia is Primary Legislator '

#AceNewsServices – TRIPOLI – April 22 – The 47 elected committee members tasked with drafting Libya’s new constitution have convened in Bayda, east of Benghazi. 218 more words

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