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"Don't That Beat All!" (musin's and confusin's of a country boy)

“When Johnny Comes a’Marching…”

This here’s Liam Goodwell of the Denton County Goodwells.


They comes a time when the sins of the fathers and the sins of the sons and the sins of the clergymen down to the Holy Pentecostal Church of the Saints don’t mean more’n a fleabite on a big hound.   1,162 more words

Value it, or lose it.

“You only learn the value of something once it’s taken away from you-”

He had everything. A beautiful wife who did everything for him, never questioned anything. 638 more words

Boy Admits Lying about Going to Heaven, But Publisher Refused to Stop Selling Book

The best-selling book that documents a 6-year-old’s journey to heaven and back during the two months he spent in a coma is being pulled from shelves after the boy, who is now 17, recanted his story. 646 more words

End Time Prophecy

Kid Named Malarkey Lied About Going to Heaven

This is another example of people telling others what they didn’t see. He retold this story when he was six. The only way their was discernment was he came forth and told the truth. 716 more words


North Wales Police Lied Over Death Phone Call.

North Wales Police officer

North Wales Police have said sorry after an officer phoned a woman at work to say her husband had died.

The force initially denied their officer had made the call and claimed Ruth Williams had called them. 165 more words



I recoiled from the words, holding back tears as the mortifying tale erupted around me. “… no pro ball, no college, no Munich Olympics, a couple crazy marriages, two kids he never saw, walking out on everybody … “ The man’s voice cut through the haze, I had to concentrate, I had asked him here, to talk. 121 more words


You Can't Move Forward If You Keep Looking Back

How many of you are stuck in the past? Raise your hand. Higher! No, higher! How can you expect to move forward if you keep looking back? 114 more words