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New home buyers trapped by bogus lien

CASS COUNTY, Mo. — The boxes are packed at Eric and Elisha Hesterberg’s home. The new buyers are supposed to close and take possession on Friday. 388 more words


Switching To Natural Gas Could Mean A Lien On Your Home.

Statement from Chris Herb, President of CEMA, on Governor Dannel Malloy launching Wilton Natural Gas Pipeline.

“Governor Malloy and the utilities won’t guarantee that there are any real savings by switching to natural gas. 67 more words

Natural Gas Plan

Reasons to Do a Short Sale

1. No Choice, Can’t Afford the House

If your income has gone down or your mortgage payments have gone up so that you can’t keep making the payments, it may make sense to downsize—sell your home and rent. 852 more words

Practice Of Law

Judgment Lien After Chapter 7 Discharge |

When you file for bankruptcy there is an automatic stay put on any pending lawsuits or judgments against you thanks to the protection offered by bankruptcy laws in the United States. 53 more words

SoCal IP Institute :: July 14, 2014 :: Liens on IP do not Create Federal Questions and Receivership Over Some George Clinton Recordings Affirmed

Our weekly SoCal IP Institute meeting on Monday, July 14, 2014 will be a discussion of one 4th Circuit case regarding federal subject matter jurisdiction for liens enforced on intellectual property and a 9th Circuit decision on the appointment of a receiver and that receiver’s rights over IP held by an individual. 453 more words