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A Response to Leo Babauta of Zen Habits

Before I continue this post I want to say that I really enjoy Leo Babauta’s blog, Zen Habits. I find it interesting and often times informative. 1,722 more words


Rachel Ivy: Against an Uncritical Embrace of Gender

By Rachel Ivy / Deep Green Resistance Eugene

The following is a response to an open letter written by Bonnie Mann to Lierre Keith.

Hello Professor Mann, 3,456 more words


The Real Cost of Living and Dying

I make soap. Not just because it seems like something a not-actually-disaffected Fight Club loving Gen-Xer would do, but because I like throwback DIY stuff. There’s a reason that this is my favorite Portlandia sketch ever. 879 more words

Lierre Keith at 2014 PIELC

Lierre Keith’s participation in the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference did not occur without protest. Despite a walkout at the beginning of her keynote address, many in the audience stayed to hear her thoughts on the current state of environmental activism. 48 more words

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