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thank God

for people in our lives who taught us a thing or two :) i’m really thankful and grateful that God placed them accordingly to His plan.


Finally Have My High School Diploma

It’s been a long journey but the day has arrived, I have obtained my diploma. After 400 work hours and about 10 lengthy assignments I have finished my school. 203 more words

About Me

One Thing I Miss About My Old Job after 6 Months of Being a Stay-At-Home Dad

It doesn’t seem like half a year has already passed since I’ve become a stay-at-home dad, but here I am, stay-at-home daddying (it’s a word) with our precious 8 1/2 month old daughter. 776 more words


We’re taking a break

After our appointment with the social worked to discuss egg donation, we decided to take a break for the rest of the year.

Get my system clean from all these IVF meds as well as just taking a break mentally. 358 more words


Wisdom on a Wednesday

Dreams are real…all you have to do is believe!


Our trials are great opportunities. Too often we look on them as great obstacles. It would be a haven of rest and an inspiration of unspeakable power if each of us would henceforth recognize every difficult situation as one of God’s chosen ways of proving to us His love and look around for the signals of His glorious manifestations; then, indeed, would every cloud become a rainbow, and every mountain a path of ascension and a scene of transfiguration.

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Imagine A World

Imagine a world where people actually cared.
A world where your phone rang because someone missed your company not just your pocket.
A world where your personality and not your financial resources determined your social status. 203 more words