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The Crash

I came crashing down my hype after I told my sister about my decision on leaving my job. She asked, “What do you want to do?” 142 more words


labor day diy

One of the main culprits of my tendency to procrastinate is perfectionism. I get all wrapped up in the possibilities and am frozen in indecision…what if I make the wrong choice? 371 more words


Lazy Days Off

I love three day weekends. I love being able to wake up any time I want, getting out of bed anytime I want, and just doing absolutely nothing. 147 more words


What A Difference A Day Makes

A day or four, that is. I remember the song, and have always been a believer in everything taking all kinds of time. But nothing surprises me anymore, and I am learning to just go with the flow on absolutely EVERYTHING. 492 more words


Au Revoir, August. Bonjour, September

While the rest of the summer was considerably dull for me this year, I’m happy to say that the month of August was not so bad. 575 more words



Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?Why? Why? Why?

Why do I feel so different from everyone else? Why do I feel like there is some answer to every question in the world, but I will never quite grasp it? 55 more words

Great little things

Where is that line between good enough & impressive? Is the coffee machine coffee good or home made filter coffee? Isn’t the machine made coffee good enough? 329 more words