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Seeing God

Is a moment in a grassy knoll

Or a walk along the beach

To find the proof that something Big


Be everything you are and more: #UseYourAnd

It’s easy to define someone as “smart” or “funny” or “beautiful,” but what if you could be all of the above and still have various more attributes that define you? 516 more words


10 Things You May Not Know About Me

The inspiration for this post came from two sources. First of all, earlier this week I read a great post on a blog I follow, Flux and Flow, entitled ’30 thing you didn’t know about me’. 546 more words


Going Guatemalan: Apology

Did you know that Guatemala is in Central America, not South America? After posting my article, “Going Guatemalan” last night I slept like a baby, but I awakened this morning to learn that I’d placed Guatemala in the wrong place. 60 more words


My new project - Tinder

So it is that time again when I need to come up with an idea to keep my creativity flowing. To make it easier and achievable I will not aim for daily posts as I normally do. 130 more words



keeper of the day
veiled are your dark spots;
hidden winged finery.
Winter’s come your blooms do sleep;
while down my kitchen sink you creep. 126 more words

Life Lessons: Love Needs to See Color

“Well I don’t see color” or “Love doesn’t have color.” Stop. It. Stop. It. Now. I’m not sure if people who say this realize that to choose to not see color essentially is the same as saying… 417 more words