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Social Media Noise and The Pit of Despair

Hypercommunication, social media addiction, social media burnout‚Ķreally? Just more crap to wade through. What!? Don’t look at me like you’re surprised – these are trending topics!

Practical Tips

Of Loving the Present (and Dreading the Future)

As you may not know, I’ve joined The Write Way again this summer (sacrificing my review classes for college entrance exams, but oh well). It’s almost the end of the first week and it’s been a tiring couple of days but waking up at 6am every day is a small price to pay. 272 more words

Son's GoFundMe Project To Help His Mom

I was brought to tears by my sweet son who is doing a gofundme project trying to raise the funds to get a small shuttle bus with a handicap lift so that it will be less painful for me traveling to the doctors and hospitals as much as I have to. 135 more words


History? Love it. Chemistry? Bring it on. Art? FUCK YES! Biology? No, I’d rather put my hand in a blender. Ashamedly, this is my third or fourth time taking the class and although I haven’t failed any exams I haven’t been trying my hardest to get an “A” either. 180 more words


Life can be interesting...

Once upon a time, I had a plan.  Like everyone else I had grandiose ideas of what my life would, could, and should be by the time I reached 35. 878 more words


New Outlook on Life

Change your thoughts and you change your world.

Norman Vincent Peale