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[Life] Change of Major

I talked about possibly changing my major in an earlier post a week or so ago and I came to a conclusion.

I have changed my major to Psychology. 154 more words


Ria Rita

I ran into a long-time friend while I was at the market today. We met when my family moved in across the street from hers when we were both six years old. 109 more words


I've Become My Parents

Outside of writing my personal blog, I read other people’s blogs (no way!).

There’s one particular site that I found. I think it’s interesting. It’s a blog called: … 385 more words

Life :)


Foodismyzen.com was/is the foodiszen.com….ooooppppssss. I might have forgot to share that when I moved to WordPress. BTW..looking at moving again????.

Til next time…..????


Stop Being Sad and Be Awesome Instead

Initially, when I decided to write this blog, it was with the intention of using my personal everyday experiences as a lesson for others. Today’s experience will probably adhere to that theme more than any of my blogs so far. 1,040 more words



The Dream Bag? Most say, C H A N E L.


Not only Coco Chanel designed the iconic Chanel Classic 2.55 Double Flap, 109 more words


Holding on to long...

First let me say that this is not something I’m struggling with personally right now but something I was thinking about.

Anyway, I was thinking that we tend to hold on to things too long.  498 more words