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Gardening on the beach

Since we have returned from the U.K. we have been enjoying an Indian Summer so the garden has been neglected somewhat in favour of the beach.   819 more words


Love Life Happiness, a relationship

Her beautiful voice hushed in my ears, even as i read those words. “What would you choose between Love & Life?”

“I would always choose love over life, what would life be without love?” I said. 390 more words


Travel Diary #2

We were looking for a restaurant for lunch but at a very odd time.I looked at my watch and realized it was too late for lunch and too early for dinner but we were hungry.The watch indicated that it was 4:30 p.m(1630 hours) and no restaurant was open and those open weren’t serving anything at that time so we moved to the next one with our stomachs empty,to add to it we didn’t even had breakfast instead just fed on some green apples.We decided to take a new way that went downhill and after some steps we found this very small restaurant that was opened and asked the owner if there would be any lunch at this time and he said yes,come and sit. 271 more words


The danger of being overanalytical

I recently had an epiphany:
I can’t fix everything.

I was once told that I’ve always been the type of person that “searches” for that “something” – basically, I’ve spent the majority of my life looking for an end result or constantly looking for ways to improve something, look for something, figure something out, etc. 215 more words

Sage Advice

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…

The brutal truth is that we all lie. Sometimes it’s a big lie that makes people roll their eyes in the sheer disbelief that you just told such a huge whopper. 377 more words