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The Best Years Of Your Life

I’ve noticed lately as I scroll through my Facebook that a lot of my friends are constantly posting links to lists or articles about being in your 20′s and why these are the greatest years of your life, most of which are tailored towards girls. 1,392 more words

Then there was light!

Darkness all around
Devils are abound
Soul searching for redemption
All lost, nothing was found
First word was written
Evils deeply smitten
Human gave them fright… 43 more words


50 Questions Tag!

I kidnapped this tag idea from a friend, muhahaha. Dancing along to music while I answer this tag! 

  1. Where were you 3 hours ago? At home. 
  2. 621 more words

The arbitrary memories of a girl named grace

(Please play the song Marfa Lights 2 by Deuter during this story, do not repeat it if it ends before you finish reading)

I remember being confused as I was lifted by the neck while staring into my father’s eyes. 980 more words


The daily blog: Positivity

Today after a good night sleep I’m in a positive mind set.

Always remember that if you are unhappy about something or a situation there is always a way to improve or change it. 58 more words


Why we do, what we do

As I was driving to work today, something just banged into my head. Whats the point of all this. I go to work to get paid, so i can pay the humungous amount of bills that I have at the end of every month. 653 more words


The Stories We Try to Kill

Sometimes the “stories that must not die” are the ones we wish would disappear.

As I get older and older, I realize that the stories that I try to hide aren’t the ones where I am the victim of abuse or injustice. 427 more words