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Photo of the Week - Week 44

Hard to believe we are now in November. Especially with how warm it still is in the Northern Hemisphere. The temperature at this time of year here in England is usually around 14°C/57°F. 34 more words


November 1, 2014

Does having a plan B help you by alleviating stress, or does having a plan B dis-incentivize you to actually work your best on your plan A? 6 more words


The Only Person You Should Try To Be Better Than Is Yourself

If we try to be better than someone else, then we lose who we are. We start to become them. Maybe only slightly, but enough. I know in a race you are supposed to come first, but in the Human Race, the Race of Life, the Rat Race, you should only be better than you. 133 more words


Serenades, memories and second chances...things of the soul

Tonight there is no quote to start with. On some nights, the quote can only be music.

Because sometimes, it is possible to completely fall in love with the witnessing of rare beauty, which of course comes to you with the greatest simplicity and ease. 423 more words


Last (Words)

“Tell my mom I love her”
“Is it bad?”
“Fuck you”
Last words spoken over and over
Carved on tombstones
Spat in the faces of enemies… 81 more words


Life goes on

Everything in this life have limitations, so in order for you to succeed in life you need to know the limitation of everything you do.



Quote Of The Day

Focus on today. Don’t let what took place yesterday stop you from achieving that dream of yours today. Don’t sit and wait for tomorrow to come and make everything right. 87 more words