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Delay the Real World, Take a Gap Year. Or Two.

If you’re anything like me you probably spent the month before graduation and the few following having a quarter life crisis. After I sat through my college graduation ceremony, I suddenly had a realization, I had a plan that would bring me through December, and then absolutely no idea what I was doing with my life. 762 more words

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I pooped during sex - what's your secret?

Secrets. We all have them (no matter how self righteous you wanna try and be about your life, it is inevitable that there is something you have done that you kinda don’t want people to know about). 318 more words


Throughout my life, especially at the start of my teenaged years, I feel like i’ve suffered from a phobia by a name that’s not familiar to everybody’s ear, but recognisable by its definition. 715 more words


Why I Hate the U.S Education System - Part 1

School is most likely one of the most talked about topics world-wide. Some people love school and many others hate it. In my opinion, the education is extremely flawed and isn’t really about education as much as it is about obtaining a degree. 554 more words

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I just returned from  a journey we take once a year to  my native country Greece.  It is truly a lovely land of my ancestors, and guess what?  

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Your First Time… Being a Bridesmaid

So your BFF, Jill, is getting hitched, and she wants you to be a part of the big day, eh? Congratulations! Being chosen as a bridesmaid is a big honor. 501 more words

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14 slightly awkward things I've learnt as a twenty-something

I tend to strongly dislike these types of list articles – they can be egotistical and rather cringeworthy. On the other hand, they’ve proven to be incredibly popular. 929 more words