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October 2014 -- yoga, Halloween, living life

Hello world!

Back again. The past month wasn’t crazy, but it wasn’t boring. I bought a 1-month-unlimited pass to a yoga studio down the street so I’ve been trying to make myself go there everyday(I’ve managed to go 4/7 days!) I first started out doing yoga about 3/4 years ago. 578 more words

Like What You Do

Alright, dudes. At this point, I feel as if I’ve assumed all sorts of things about you, the reader. In my past posts I’ve mentioned… 318 more words

Applying The Rule of 3: Is it true? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?

I enjoy subscribing to certain questions on Quora.

Today I received an email with a particularly good answer to the question: What is the best advice your father ever gave you? 620 more words


Story Time: Finding The Time

I feel like I can never find the time to blog anymore now that work is taking up so much of my time but needs must! 1,026 more words


One-Liner Wednesday — Be fulfilled creatively for peace of mind.

I’ve been a fan of London-born Finola Hughes for many years. Her strength and talents were only two reasons for that. The third reason is because she always made a lot of sense. 59 more words


How to watch porn

So get over the fact that you are always and forever morbidly curious about porn. Next, how do I do that online Kyle? With the internets? 120 more words


Searching For Balance

Every single time I write a blog, I tell myself that I will keep them consistent. Well, it doesn’t look like that has happened much since the beginning of the year. 2,177 more words

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