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umm...hi guys!

 When I posted back in June that I was leaving the “blogosphere” I honestly thought I wouldn’t be back. I fell down the rabbit hole that is my problems with depression, and as with every onset, I thought I wouldn’t make it out. 403 more words

Life Advice

choosing a wife 1

make sure you choose the woman for her cooking because looks wear away but the cooking only gets better (if they try to make their cooking better). 45 more words


I Know Myself Better Than God Does

That’s a really bold statement, right? I’ve never heard anyone say that, but they don’t have to because their lives speak it for them. It’s like the saying, actions speak louder than words. 371 more words


Wisdom Wednesday: Don't Be Hard On Yourself

Happy Wednesday, friends! Can you believe that there are 14 days left in 2014? Are you ready for 2015? Excited? Spinning with your hands up? I know I am. 397 more words


Goals For This Blog.

Hi there! So for today’s topic I want to talk about things relating to my blog as a whole. I have had this blog for… 20 days I think? 1,645 more words

The Pros and Cons of an Early Holiday Season

Remember being little and impatiently sitting through dozens of Thanksgiving themed crafts in anticipation of when the red and green colored construction paper would finally be taken out in your classroom? 1,186 more words

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The path to fulfillment

The path to fulfillment, ironically, cannot remove one’s problems or difficulties that exist in one’s life. Fulfillment is not about removing negative experiences. After all, if it was the case that the only path to fulfillment that existed was essentially a perfect path then nobody would be able to attain such a state of being. 467 more words