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A Quick Guide to Email Etiquette

In this day and age, there are a lot of methods of communication: texting, video chatting, messaging on Facebook. But let’s not forget about email. People use email all the time for all kinds of things, so it’s important to know what you’re doing. 702 more words

Wellness + Advice

Mary's Life Tips

I start classes tomorrow and I found mold in the shower and now I’m just feeling anxious all around. I’m trying to walk around a lot more, I walked to the park today with some friends, just trying to fit in more exercise to try and alleviate some anxiety. 460 more words


Jill's Fabulous Friend: How To Deal With Forks In The Road

My fabulous friend just loves to talk and has been begging me to get on the radio. So I figured, since he’s always helping me in random ways, why not let him give a tip of the day. 150 more words


Not "FOMO", "FOMP": The Fear of Meeting People (From January 2014)

We all have our phobias. I have an irrational fear of spiders, and a rational fear of TSA screenings. Indiana Jones hated snakes. My dad is incredibly amusing to watch on an elevator. 962 more words

99 Problems

Dear Diary,

I have 99 problems at the moment and at 90 of them are bitches aka dudes (or my lack there of)*. I am on a self imposed “dating hiatus” which means that during semester I don’t “date”. 142 more words


Submissions: Week 10

Want to see more submissions? Grab a pen & paper, check out the submission guidelines and email or post in some advice or memories related to the teen experience now!


Penis Size Myths

Penis size is constantly being discussed. I’m not sure why, I honestly couldn’t care less what your size is. Actually, sorry no there’s an exception – if you’re huge, sorry but it’s not happening. 659 more words

Rambling Goat