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The "Master Plan"

We all have dreams, we all have hopes, wishes and fears. But how do we keep going after our dreams when things start getting in the way or going off our carefully thought-out course? 241 more words


10 Things You Learn on the Road to Adulthood

In your young twenties, there are many discoveries you will make along the way and epiphanies you will make. You learn things about people and things about yourself that you can carry with you throughout life. 382 more words


Mental Health: Personal Advice from a Sufferer and a Friend

I recently found out my best friend is back on her medication.

When I said she could talk to me about anything at whatever hour, she replied with ‘I don’t talk’. 1,295 more words


Would you watch your movie?

We are all “stars” of our own movie. Whats your plot? Make your life exciting and interesting, and live in such a way that you would watch your own movie if given the chance. 645 more words

Christian Living

What Proverbs 3 Means To Me

This particular chapter in Proverbs sticks with me while i am in this new chapter in my life. It is the fuel that i need to keep my engine running, the food that i need to stay full and satisfied. 22 more words


The Tinder Odd-yssey: An Epic Poem of the 21st Century

Volume 1: Invoking The Muses (Or, A Visit to The App Store)

World, you win. So shall I seek to fill the longing of my naked soul by playing Hawt Or Not. 679 more words

Cause & Effect

I took my son on a camping trip this weekend with a boy scout troop, which meant a lot of time to myself and a lot of time to think and reflect about life. 835 more words