Crushed Like a Bug

So the story goes that you’re supposed to come out a stronger and wiser person after cancer because you’ve made it through the turbulence that is your own Hell. 531 more words

Breast Cancer


I just went up to Glasgow for a short weekend to see one of my friends from uni. We ended up going to Edinburgh for the fringe festival. 108 more words

Two Years Post Invasion

While making my boys a follow-up appointment at Children’s this morning, I couldn’t quite put my finger on why the date made me nervous.  Then I remembered, “Oh crap, it was that day 2 years ago when ‘the mass’ was found.”  I love that term, “the mass.”  It makes my cancer sound like some sort of nebulous blob that could be just about anything when it was really a “malignant neoplasm of the left ovary” (the technical term for my ovarian cancer tumor).  992 more words

Ovarian Cancer

An Alternative Results Day

A change in focus. A change in priorities. A change in what matters most. Something I’ve experienced and heard so much in the past few months. 883 more words

Em's Blogging.

Living With and Without Cancer

This might end up being a post that I regularly update- I’m not sure yet.

“I’m not sure yet” pretty much sums up my life lately, both with and without cancer. 597 more words


My News and on the News

This is all about what has gone on in the last week.
For ease of reading this is the contents of the blog….like a book! 775 more words

Life After Cancer

2 years!!!

Ha, so as those of you that are friends with me on Facebook might have noticed- last week was my 2 year cancerversary!!!
What even my friends on Facebook won’t know, is that I forgot it! 791 more words

Life After Cancer