Last week I did another CoppaFeel! talk, this time at my work. I feel it is important to spread the CoppaFeel! message as far as possible. 372 more words


New Boobs Go on Vacation, January 2014

In January, 2014 we took a much-needed family vacation just five months after I underwent surgery to remove both breasts. It was the first time we’d taken a vacation together, actually. 1,081 more words

Conditions And Diseases


Have you ever hit a time in your life where you felt like you were approaching or at a crossroads? The intersection of complacency and transformation, yet, you are unsure which direction to take. 904 more words

Anther July and other random thoughts

It’s July 2014, and I find myself in a similar position as last July. I’m once again healing from reconstruction surgery, this time part 2, where things were evened-out, lifted, moved over a tad, and fat either sucked out or added. 581 more words

Writing Life

Getting my ultrasound today

You know, this process NEVER shocks me…None of it ever did I don’t think.

We show up and do our thing…Us patients.

The nurses and Drs do their thing and we do ours…Then wait. 144 more words


"Pin your penis to your stomach!" LOL!!

I seriously cannot stop laughing at the instructions they gave me!
“Lift your sack, cross your legs and pin your penis to your stomach!”
For real!?!? 36 more words

Life After Cancer