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I’m good.

As long as I don’t start randomly dropping coffee cups, or losing feeling in my limbs, or having any other crazy, strange, neurology related symptoms, I’m okay and I don’t need to see the doctor or have any more MRI’s. 151 more words

Life After Graduating College


Cleanliness is overrated.

Sure, I just added another book to the crazy pile of stuff next to me, and caused the entire pile to spill across the floor, onto my other piles of clothes and cds and other papers, and so really my whole room is just a piles of clothes and papers spilling into each other, but the important thing here is that I still have a path to my clothes drawer, my bed, and my door. 89 more words

Life After Graduating College

Hello, I owe you a post.


Oh joy.

Life’s wonderful.

Peaches and Cream.

Hopefully they give me a panic button this time.

Oh, I’ll just pray four rosaries while the space sounds surround me. 76 more words

Life After Graduating College

Tired, so tired, but so fantastically wonderful.

I recorded music today.


Sorry, I’ve been all, procrastinate-y lately, and I’ve been watching Netflix and staying up late, and so I’m exhausted and thought processes have become irrelevant. 193 more words

Life After Graduating College