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Change Is In The Wind, Have You Adjusted Your Sails?

(Do you even have sails?)

I want to talk to you guys about after graduation plans. According to the insanely aggressivelarge font on the graduation countdown board, it’s roughly 34(ish) days to graduation. 954 more words

Why I turned my back on making and why I am lost without it

I turned my back on making for a few reasons. At the time these reasons seemed pretty logical, reasonable and even a tiny bit positive. Now I am realising I am TOTALLY lost without my next-level-doodles and ‘abstract paintings’, and I miss my hands being covered in an unusual mix of acrylic, glue and inkjet; my eyes aching from film-editing on the world’s brightest screen. 595 more words


Life after Graduation..

Yaay~ Graduate na ako and now i’m going to face the reality na..

Ikaw kaya ang gumraduate kasabay ng milyon milyong mga nagsipagtapos din sa kolehiyo? 212 more words

The Impossibility of Possibility

I came up with the title of this post before I wrote a line. I usually do the title last, thinking deeply on a catchy summarization of what I have typed up. 852 more words


"My Personal Brand"- Rant No.1

It’s been a crazy couple weeks of networking, job hunting and professional advice. No1 Q. I’m stuck with is Why should my brand be one thing and one thing only? 232 more words

Life after Graduation


It’s been a month since I last walked for my grad school commencement. It feels good to be done with school but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop learning or studying. 259 more words

Hearing Loss

Another teary Drive Home

I’m tired of it. I’m tired of this me that I’ve become; someone constantly on the verge of tears or fury diving from one emotion to the next. 428 more words