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Post-TV Debut Reflections

It happened.

I did what I have been longing to do since I was 5 years old and that was to be on television for longer than 3 seconds. 266 more words

What Colleges Should Do

I’m taking this time to be very selfish about what I want.

After four years of college, I’ve made so many good friends. They really made this experience something that I’ll never forget. 508 more words

Our Very First Cross Blog!

Check out Sylvana Dussan’s take on what she learned from Elmer HERE!

It’s an exciting day since we’re trying out something crazy and new…mainly because it’s summer and the lord knows that I wasn’t about to try this during the school year (when I was supposed to). 215 more words

How to hold onto your self-esteem when you're looking for a job

Looking for a job can be a humiliating and humbling experience. Your self-esteem can take a really deep hit; no matter how confident you start out at the beginning of your job search, that confidence slowly dwindles away as each application you send out turns out to be fruitless, yet again. 842 more words


Just A Year Later

I used my Timehop app this morning because I was in the mood to get rid of those push notifications.

It’s designed to show you where you have been on this day any number of years ago, when you connect it to social media. 490 more words

Interviews and hopes (they're intertwined)

Hello again everyone!

I know it has been a while since my last post (and forever and a day since Chelisse’s) but I have a summer job that has me working really long hours with little time to do anything else. 201 more words

Growing up is scary … but it’s also liberating. Here’s to getting my first credit card and taking that next step into the “real world”. Here’s to all of us starting the next adventure of growing up!