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Looking Back On Summer 2014

It’s hard to believe that the typical “unofficial” end to summer has arrived and that can only mean that school is really starting, since syllabus week isn’t much of a challenge for most of us. 503 more words

There's Something Missing...

I’ve always been one to judge things too quickly. We’re talking about people, classes, social situations, and especially work. I’ll be completely honest and tell you that last summer when I was doing two internships, I was judging the whole experience as an epic failure just two weeks in. 481 more words

Choosing Happiness

Hey guys!


I should really figure out a better way to introduce my blogs because I’m sure I’ve used that several times already. 789 more words


Answering Some Questions About Being On TV

Granted, I’ve only been on television four times but I guess people have been watching the #1 morning show in Western New York. However, people have been asking me questions that I find actually quite interesting. 356 more words

When Decisions And Reality Get So Much Harder

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post about taking care of yourself and how you are always the one that matters the most. It never fails to amaze me that while I can give guidance on what people should do, I can never seem to follow it. 179 more words

My Year of Non-Travel

I just got a notification in my inbox that someone started following my blog and I realized I hadn’t checked it in a while. I opened up my homepage and saw that “a while” meant over a year ago. 391 more words


Post-TV Debut Reflections

It happened.

I did what I have been longing to do since I was 5 years old and that was to be on television for longer than 3 seconds. 266 more words