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Lessons Learned ......

…… in just one day.

I learned several lessons today, mostly concerning cab rides. And as always, I am sharing them with you.

Lesson #1: Do NOT ask your cab driver if he can get somewhere any faster, unless you’re prepared to experience a stomach-lurching, roller coaster-like ride. 909 more words

Life After Loss

This Is Not the Post ......

…… I thought I’d write tonight.

But things change, and sometimes change quickly.

Tonight I went to see the Broadway musical, “If, Then”, starring Idena Menzel. 217 more words

Life After Loss

Alexis Is A Big Sister

So Saturday I was at the doctor to find out gender of baby, unfortunately they wanted me to go to Maternal Fetal Medicine one last time to find out how the heart was growing and determine the sex of Peanut Gehman.  617 more words


The Memory of a Birthday

In one week, April 24th will be here. It’s a date I have been dreading. It is often said in mommy circles that a baby’s first birthday is really a celebration of the parents surviving that tough first year of the baby’s life. 656 more words

Pregnancy And Infant Loss

Now, THAT ......

…… was a blast.

I just got home from attending “Drunk Shakespeare”. And it was SO much fun.
I received an email about it yesterday. And a discount code. 398 more words

Life After Loss

Babycenter can bite me

I will preemptively apologize if anyone really likes babycenter. I have always been a part-time user even when my pregnancies were “going well” I still kept babycenter at an arms length.   457 more words

Life After Loss

As Close As I'll Ever Get ......

…… to George.

I received a package in the mail today.
From him.
Kind of.
But not really.

It contained a note.
From him.
Kind of. 321 more words

Life After Loss