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Stepping out

Endless struggle for life. Tribe becomes smaller.
Many dry years. Once rich forest gone.
Leave ancient home. Survive.

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The Two-sided Coin: Why Jesus Told Stories

By Michael Patrick

Snapping open the daily newspaper over a piping hot cup of dark-roasted Peet’s coffee is a welcome morning ritual. When I read of the pain that comes from the choices we embrace these days, it prepares me for prayer. 218 more words


Below me, the hunting ground.
Wind in my face, I hang. Searching.
There. Movement.
Fast to the ground.
My young eat well.

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I may leave, but I'll never let go

Twelve weeks ago right now I was about an hour away from waking up to the funny feeling of an uncomfortable fist opening and closing in the vast, cramped space between my heart and my hips. 615 more words


'Twas never a question.

Finite Creatures: At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?

Do you remember, how everyone as a kid was busy discovering the truth of life and beyond? 247 more words

Friendship never ends....

Dear (furry)furriends,

Granny asked me to let you know

that she won’t be around

for a period of time…

because she just found out

that her furriend Corine… 48 more words


WK 8 Artist Conversation: Kiyomi Fukui


Recently, I have been taking interest in horticulture lately so that explains why I was so drawn to this piece.  I really like the organic feeling of this piece.   214 more words