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How It Was When My Mother Died: Chapter 7


Rosemarie speaking…

She died in her sleep the night of January 31, 1979. For her last two years she had a very bad heart. 1,588 more words


Travelling Rum

I’ve been travelling for the last few days and took quite a few pictures. But when I looked through them today, I found I like only 3 or 4 of them, what is a pity, but also expected since it was more a chaotic road trip than actually travelling. 32 more words


Conditions - #buddhism

When the conditions are right,
a beautiful rainbow is born;
as conditions change,
it fades
and disappears –
such is life and death

Photo and words by Stephanie Mohan – January 2015



I did not write this one. I wish I had. I do not know who wrote it or if they even still exist. I just know when I was nineteen I found this taped to a wall in a place I did not want to be, but it was exactly where I needed to be at the moment. 161 more words


January 2015

I hate technology. I’ve been thinking about this all month. You just want it to work, right? When you get some irritating message meaning nothing you just want to return to yesterday.  447 more words


Testing, Testing

When Jeff Bezos said Amazon was testing drones for package delivery, I’m sure he meant that they were putting the drones to the test in various kinds of bad circumstances, to make sure they would respond faithfully to the commands sent to them by Amazon.   352 more words

The Character Of God


She was very thin, and her dark green scrubs looked extremely appealing. Maybe because she seemed so alive, in a place where people came to die. 40 more words