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21st September

“Spirituality depends on neither time nor place, and there is no death there.”

The Writings of Baal Hasulam. “From within my Flesh shall I see God”

Daily Tips


Despite Love, the way through is unknown;
and, I walk Life’s labyrinth alone.
Sometimes I must do an about face;
and, it’s rarely back to the same place… 203 more words


Salt. And Earth. And Ash.

The next time I went to Walden it was after I had released her body into the heavens. Blue as the pond itself and clear as a cloudless sky. 154 more words

Walden Pond

Growing Old Stinks

Growing old stinks.

Some folks will tell you it beats the alternative. But does it?

Why do I think growing old stinks? Not because of the extra aches and pains. 340 more words


I will Endure Pain for you... Again and again: Review of [140829]Dekinai watashiga kurekaesu

Foreword: What the hell, August Releases?! is this month some kind of an event to give Jason a chain of awesome games?! I’m completely fine with that! 2,410 more words

Regular Novel

Domestic Violence: When Someone You Know Needs Help!© - My Poem of the Day (09/18/14) #3

My Poem of the Day

(09/18/14) #3

Domestic Violence

When Someone You Know Needs Help!©

I know you’ve seen it

But were too embarrassed

To do anything… 336 more words


Domestic Violence: Why?© - My Poem of the Day (09/18/14) #2

My Poem of the Day

(09/18/14) #2

Domestic Violence


Why when I tell you the truth

You insist it’s a lie

You frisk me like a thief in the night… 343 more words