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Selection pressure

I listened to an intriguing item on today’s news. It concerned the golden winged warbler’s ability to detect approaching tornadoes and vacate the area, sharpish. 78 more words


जन्म और मृत्यु

ये जन्म और मृत्यु का चक्र,
मैं अनजान आत्मा क्या जानू,
जो कह गए प्रभु बस उनकी
कही बात ही मानू।
आत्मा कभी मरती नहीं,
ये तो बस एक शरीर से दूसरे,
शरीर में जाने की कहानी है।
नजाने कितने और जन्म लेके?
हम मानवों को ईश्वर की ये बगिया
अपने अच्छे कर्मो से सजानी है???

Prerna Mehrotra


Life's Mysteries: Intuition

Gut-feeling. Intuition. Sixth sense. Extra-sensory perception.

You can call it whatever you want, I just want an explanation. It’s this feeling of foreboding. This unexplained chill, this tiny voice telling you that something is about to happen. 134 more words


Mountain Ash

We’re not suppose to remember everything… we’re human,
nor are we here without a purpose.

The sound of the Sun
as it moves across the Sky, 83 more words


Relisha Rudd Pt.2

Eight year-old Relisha Rudd was officially last seen, caught on CCTV entering the Days Inn on New York avenue, Washington DC in the company of a man she called her ‘godfather'; Kahlil Malik Tatum. 2,062 more words

Losts And Founds


A man may be so sick

As to be sick of himself.

The house requires repairs

No doctor will save it now.

A man may build an empire… 18 more words


Past, Present, Future

We are jogging into the last few days before Christmas. I look outside my current bedroom window, and see my neighbor’s Christmas light. Across the street my other neighbor has blinking stars in the upstairs windows. 274 more words

Life And Death