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46 Weeks out: Plants, The #Healing #Powers of #rest, and the Brutality of #Swimming

I have been in sort of a personal and training funk since we all returned from Alabama over a month ago. I think since then I have run maybe twice and have ridden the bike once during a brief 30-minute transition training session. 1,316 more words


Holiday traditions - new and old

As the holiday season springs into full gear, I’m reminded of those wintery mornings growing up in Spokane, Washington with my family. Christmas often started off with midnight mass at Sacred Heart parish, one of the few times I was allowed to stay up so late. 480 more words

Life And Family

Reaching the sunset of 2014…..

This has been a hell of a year. In fact, this year has just been hell. I have had such a deep depression this year, it is a wonder I am still here. 751 more words

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MIA exhibition: Italian Style: Fashion Since 1945

So I am working on Christmas crafting without much progress. Instead I went on a little Italian vacation at the Minneapolis Art Institute. They are a having an exhibit of… 59 more words


#Training Days: 12 Days in November Epilogue: Storylines, lessons, and being an outsider still

After my brother called that morning I was able to go back to sleep, but woke up in a fog when the alarm rang later. I took the scenic route to work, and cried when I heard some piano music from this station I stream music from. 901 more words


#Training Days: 12 Days in November when training became insignificant: And on the 12th day, she rested.

I stood over my mom with my face close to hers, calling her name, trying to get her to respond. She hadn’t responded since she entered hospice care, but I was trying anyway. 411 more words


#Training Days: 12 Days in November when training became insignificant: Day 11: “Johnny, She HAS to hold on until…”

It is funny how I was looking at things: each morning the alarm went off without a middle-of-the-night phone call meant my mom was still alive. 664 more words