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#Training Day Monday: The “#Running Farts”, My #Brothers, and The Last Thing I Wanted to Do Was…

Go to the gym today at lunch. I was tired because I didn’t get to bed very early and I didn’t sleep well at all. I tossed and turned all night, then woke up at some point and just laid there trying to get my mind to stop. 1,109 more words


#Training Days: Beast Mode Thursday: #Lifting and #Swimming


To say that I was looking forward to my lifting workout #3 is an understatement. I was scheduled to work lats, biceps, and triceps. I have always loved working my arms because when they get pumped they look a lot bigger than they actually are. 620 more words


#Training Days: Beast Mode Wednesday: #Lifting and #Running

I awoke on Wednesday to calves that felt shredded. I actually looked down to see if there was a calf-length slice running down the back of my leg. 276 more words



Changes for sure. School starting tomorrow the big sophomore. When I say big, I mean it literally. Look at the size of the great shoes he picked for his new school shoes. 109 more words

Life And Family

#LivingLarge Lampoons #SummerVacation Day 3: #SharkWeek Starts One Week Early

I had big plans for Monday. I was really excited when we started packing for the trip because I packed a bag that had my training gear in it: swim cap, three pair of goggles, training bathing suit, running shoes, socks, and every set of warm-weather running clothes I owned. 895 more words


London, You Call This a Heatwave? Travelling With A Milestone Around My Neck - Part 1

Q. Why did the 50 year old mother of two cross the world?

A. To get to the other side of course and because there was absolutely no reason to wait for tomorrow to do something she was passionate about. 1,133 more words

Life And Family


I just got back from a long trip to my mom and dad’s.   I had a great time first at my parent’s house and then at a big family reunion.  147 more words