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A week in the life...

I have missed you! I must confess this whole driving, walking thing has been altogether too exciting. I am settling down from feeling 16 again and working to guard my margins so that weeks don’t go by without time and space to process and write and practice being present as these last several months have taught me so much about. 838 more words


new at my house

I have a head cold so I have produced nothing this week… just sat on the couch and did a Raising Hope marathon.  Steve has big news- he finished the 3rd (and final) edition of How I met Van and Numan Future Present and Past. 16 more words


Would Somebody Please Explain the Anti-Vaccine Movement to Me?

Time magazine recently announced that several diseases are making a comeback thanks largely to the anti-vaccine movement.

Upworthy.com posted a telling graphic (below) showing the mortality rate of many diseases in the pre-vaccine era as compared to the post-vaccine era. 169 more words

Current Issues

#Training Days: 12 days in November when training became insignificant. Day 2: The diagnosis

After an evening of uncertainty and crying, I was able to finally go to sleep. Knowing how emergency rooms are, I figured my brothers would be there a long time waiting for the doctors to see my mom. 1,029 more words


I will cook breakfast all day.. everyday

augggh.. what a weekend.. let me sit down and tell you all about it.

My kids have no  chill.. i mean what so ever!..

Saturday mornings usually start at 6:30 and my oldest son is up looking for food.. 70 more words

Life And Family

The great "State of Auburn"

What a week! I had more fun on twitter than any of my previous weeks so far. One thing that is interesting to me is the backlash that the “State of Auburn” Tee shirts have caused. 652 more words

Auburn Football

#Training Days: 12 days in November when training became insignificant. Day 1: The phone call

Life is funny sometimes, but only as funny as we perceive it. We go through our daily routines without any thought. Most of us probably travel the same way to work each morning after doing the same pre-work routine. 525 more words