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This pressure!!!

Melt down in 3…2…1..

Geez.. its easy to get overwhelmed with the wilds of life. The necessary hustle and bustle can weigh us down going into the holidays. 198 more words

Life And Family

surprise for me!

I was out-of-town this weekend. I had a great time visiting my family and seeing my adorable nieces and nephews. In any case, I do not have anything to share with you of my own work. 41 more words


My 100th Post: A grateful look back at the first 35 weeks or so

I started this blog some 35 weeks ago as a way to document my journey toward my goal of completing Ironman Florida in 2015. Even though I wanted it to be the foundation for a future book, my underlying message was to help others achieve their fitness goals, regardless of age. 445 more words

Life And Family

#Training Days: Week 56 Day 1: Contentiousness, The Pharmacist, and Training My Mind

Sunday was a very contentious day at Team Anderson headquarters. Nothing was planned and I was looking forward to doing, well, nothing. I awoke early to let the dog out and had a good hour or more to myself that I typically use for reading or meditating. 1,315 more words


#Training Days: Week 57: An abbreviated training week and the pulls of life.

By the time I left the locker room on my way to the pool deck Tuesday evening, the soreness in my right calf had pretty much gone away, but the left calf was still just as sore as it was the day before. 826 more words


#Training Days, Week 58 Day 5: A Vampire-like, Glistening Body and Weekend Training Mistake #2

I was in love with this lady once, but she didn’t feel the same. Well. She did, but she wouldn’t admit it because she was….it’s not important. 1,107 more words


#Training Days: Week 58, Day 4 Part I: “Drop your pants…I have a surprise for you!”

I rested well Thursday evening after completing the swim workout. I desperately want to get up early and run Friday before work so that I wouldn’t have the workout hanging over my head for the rest of the day, but I was scheduled for my annual physical at 8 am. 578 more words