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Guest blogger: Steve Brooks, my dh.  Helping me out because I am still a little under the weather, although much better than last week.  Check out his web site at  247 more words

Life And Family

A Night of Depression

A few days ago it hit me; depression.  I couldn’t hold it off any longer.  I let the feeling of despair wash over me like a flood.  317 more words

Life And Family

Silly Mama, playing 'I Spy' is not for the color impaired!

Throwback Thursday!!! OOHU, OOHU!

Yikes it’s been a few days since I posted in here…

So I was thinking about how being colorblind has affected my life throughout the years and I just have to say, it totally sucks not being able to play I spy with my kids properly. 60 more words

Life And Family

Living Large Spring Break Tour 2014 Day 2: Paradise Vacations

We awoke Saturday morning to a beautiful, cloudless day…ideal for the final 5-hour push to Ft. Myers, FL. I, however, awoke to a severely sun burned forehead and nose from sitting in the back seat the previous day. 433 more words

Life And Family

Living Large Spring Break Tour, 2014 Day 1: Stooly likes Barry Manilow

I had this friend when I was in the Air Force who was an alcoholic. He still is, as far as I know, but I have lost touch with him. 460 more words

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Change your mind, change your life

This is a book review without me even reading the book. (Ps. I’m not getting paid to say these things)

Yeah! How can I review a book I’ve never read? 50 more words

Life And Family

For the love of dogs!

This has nothing to do with health, fitness, diet, motivation or rebooting my life…..its just me saying I love my little doggies!

Only been with us about ten days now and I have fallen completely in love with both of them (I know, the kids give me that look as well!).   490 more words

Life And Family