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A little less conversation, a little more action.

After 11 years with Sprint–about 9 of which were spent bitching about the terrible reception, awful customer service and general shittiness of the company–Adam and I finally transferred to Verizon last week. 286 more words

Life And Junk.

I'm coming home

If you’ve done vacation correctly, your last day is a bittersweet mixture of joy, homesickness and sunburn.

Life And Junk.


Kid loves reading so much, he found a way to do it in the pool. And that’s why I love HIM. :-)

Life And Junk.

Happy Sunday!

Sure, making a diner-style breakfast at home takes longer, but you don’t have to change out of you pajamas. Worth it!

Life And Junk.

An open letter to the guy who flicked me off in traffic this morning

Really, dude? Really?

I was going 72 (in a 65-mph zone), following closely behind another vehicle traveling 72 mph. I couldn’t have sped up if I wanted to–though I didn’t want to. 272 more words

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Represent! (In all forms of the word)

Tomorrow is race day. Well, not for me. Thanks to a delicate bone structure, I’ll be watching the half-marathon from the sidelines, rather than watching myself cross the finish line as planned. 193 more words

Life And Junk.

How to get everyone to assume you're a lesbian

1) Make friends with a girl who has an adorable pixie haircut and prefers to wear pants more than skirts.

2) Wear a skirt.

3) Leave both your husbands at home and visit a tiny, tiny Wisconsin town in the middle of pretty-much nowhere. 105 more words

Life And Junk.