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Doing the best we can

This month marks the Restless Writer’s 5-yr blogiversary with almost 36,000 views.

We’re not perfect bloggers, writers, or people for that matter. We may not post as often as we’d like to but we do the best we can. 199 more words


So, fall asleep love, loved by me… for I know love, I am loved by thee.” – Robert Browning

I just had to share this because I came across it yesterday and I think its just beautiful.

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Our summer bucket list

The summer holidays are a bit strange here, although the kids are all offschool, college, uni I don’t actually get to see much of most of them. 719 more words

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Whats the story : (6)

I absolutely love the photo of Ollie, we were at his new school last week for one of his transition afternoons (he has a place in the asd unit) the visit hadn’t started too well but by the end I had been able to leave him in the classroom for a little while, when I can back he had been chatting to a teacher and had built this tower, he looks very very pleased with himself

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I take both of my autistic boys to our local hairdresser because they don’t cope well going for haircuts, the local one is mostly where all the old ladies go for a blow dry,a coffee and a natter in the morning so its usually quiet in the afternoons which is perfect for my boys. 104 more words

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Stay Hydrated, People.

Hey there Snuggle Friends,

This week in the great Sonoran Desert the average temperature is 115 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s that wonderful time of year when you open your front door and feel like you are walking into Satan’s armpit. 403 more words

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Feminism: I'm doing it wrong?

Or am I doing it right? Should I be doing it at all? Is it something from a bygone era that’s fallen out of touch with modern society? 945 more words