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Stay Hydrated, People.

Hey there Snuggle Friends,

This week in the great Sonoran Desert the average temperature is 115 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s that wonderful time of year when you open your front door and feel like you are walking into Satan’s armpit. 403 more words

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Feminism: I'm doing it wrong?

Or am I doing it right? Should I be doing it at all? Is it something from a bygone era that’s fallen out of touch with modern society? 945 more words


The one where we went to specsavers

Ollie has been saying for a while that he hasn’t been able to see everything properly and I must admit that at first I didn’t take much notice because he gets ideas in his head that he has all kinds of things wrong with him, but this week I was in specsavers with the 16 year old so I thought I may as well make him an appointment. 426 more words

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Sandal Style

As I’ve embarked upon my last minute holiday shopping dash, I have become once again baffled when it comes to sandals.

And I say this because as with every year they are made out of the toughest leather, with a ridiculous amount of straps and even worse, with a strip of leather you slide between your toes. 91 more words

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Make It Monday

And… I’m in! :)

I’m also deeking out on the true Make It Monday concept but I did make a house and it’s almost there for being a home. 334 more words


This quote from The Reluctant Fundamentalist struck a chord with me rather terribly, for it defines a chunk of who I am.

I’ve plenty more to say on the topic of belonging and stability, but for fear of boring you to death, I shall leave it here. For now.



I do and don’t love summer
The heat is not my cup of tea
I much prefer the autumn
Cardigans with fingers tucked up in the sleeves… 127 more words

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