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Outdoor Snapshots

I have a had some kind of week. As you know, we had a quiet day on the blog, but the rest of the week was full of love and good memories, and thankfulness and joy. 458 more words

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How to become younger for many years

 Today mostly people want to look young for many years. This is an impossible thing but we make it possible with our effective and reliable best anti-Wrinkle Cream. 243 more words



Alice the nurse invited me to a spa last weekend. It’s a 24 hour spa, and so when she picked me up after work on Sunday evening I was armed with my overnight bag, complete with a new bikini. 768 more words


Rossini Festival Knoxville #RossiniRocks

Ain’t No Party Like a Knoxville Party, Cause A Knoxville Party Don’t Stop.

Luckily, working in Market Square gives me a front row seat to the biggest events in Knoxville. 172 more words

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Dive Training Shots

To be so honest, I just wanted to brag about how much cooler I am than you. Scuba Training was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had! 121 more words

Life And Style

Spring Blooms & Week Recap

Let me begin by saying, What’s up, blog world! Long time, no see!

I was wandering around before work enjoying the warmth before the rain started back up. 637 more words

Life And Style

the time i wasn't offered a drink

There is a bar we go to sometimes. It’s called Octopus, and is favored by a good mix of locals and expats. I say a ‘good’ mix because there are enough expats that there is virtually always someone new to talk to, but enough Chinese people so that you don’t forget where you are. 426 more words