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A Moveable Feast (of Eggs, Baskets and Bunnies)

Way back in the year 325 AD, it was decreed by First Council of Nicaea that Easter would fall on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the March equinox. 301 more words


Searching for Buffalo

Several years ago I’d lost my way, so I ran away from one life, back to myself. Ten days turned into three weeks; three weeks turned into six months. 456 more words


The Final Frontier

To Boldly Go (5)

So what is the future for space opera?

With modern developments in cinematography and CGI, movies and television seem to have become the favoured media for science fiction. 522 more words

Writing And Publishing

Here But Not Here

I escaped today. Courtesy of three little pigs, a pencil and, I suppose, either my inner child or a light-hearted muse. It’s part of a project I’m working on, but, as sometimes happens, it took a turn of its own accord, and I was amused. 181 more words


Seizing the Moment to Do Nothing

Last weekend I spent an entire day reading a book. (I’m a pretty avid reader, but even by my standards, this was a lot.) Not because I didn’t have anything else to do. 229 more words


On Being Irish, Lucky and Green

Bear with me here, I’m trying to determine if I should be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not Irish, you see, but I love potatoes, ballads and Liam Neeson’s accent, so maybe some of that counts a little towards, I dunno, … 351 more words


Margaritaville and The Lost Island

While the planet continues to shift, rearranging the northeast into some kind of Arctic replica, I took some time away, letting my muse wander among talking dolphins, small dragons and lazy hammocks under a hot, shiny sun. 419 more words