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I don’t know how to start, in a way that would adequately convey the emotions and feelings I’ve felt in the last 18 or so hours. 1,387 more words

Life And Times

353. The Waiting Game

Almost a month since I sent off my 6 story submissions, 2 of them have been sent back to me, rejected. Again, my name will not be among the roster of writers for the Short+Sweet Festival (Kuala Lumpur) and the KL Noir series. 496 more words

Life And Times

Keep calm and eat the chocolate

I woke up earlier than usual today. After weeks of trying, I actually decided to rise (and not shine, because who can shine so frikking early in the morning) when the alarm went off today. 1,037 more words

Life And Times

349. Instagram / Alcoholics Anonymous

A little more than a week ago, I got myself an Instagram account. Because we all need to stay updated on the most current trends in social networking in order to avoid looking like a total dork. 542 more words

Life And Times

348. Writing Badly

I plopped my ass on this chair some 3 hours ago. In that time, I’ve added a total of 600 words to the story I’m working on, so on average, I’m producing 200 words per hour. 193 more words

Life And Times

Sunday swing

The news has depressed the daylights out of me this past week. Wherever I look, there’s a new atrocity. This week we’ve seen it all from violence against women, crimes against children, a plane crash, war, idiotic Indian politicians who never seem to take a break from doing asinine things, a natural calamity and its all over facebook and twitter. 774 more words

Life And Times

Jeezy Sat Down With Life & Times And Talked Freddie Gibbs Split, His Album, And Dealing With Fame

The split Jeezy had with Freddie Gibbs was highly publicized, and despite numerous diss tracks, Jeezy has never really come out and talked about it. Well the Atlanta rapper sat down with Life and Times and talked about his side of the beef, as well as touching on how he’s a perfectionist with his music, and what he wants to accomplish in the next few years. 8 more words

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