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NPWM: Catch-up (Day 12)

Homeless in Catalonia

Moving through the Pla├ža Reial
She sings.
Her voice
Thick and raw as her feet are,
Browned and coffee-ground as her skin… 97 more words
Life And Times

NPWM: Catch-up (Day 11)

A week in Barcelona threw me off the NPWM bandwagon a little, but I managed to journal during some Spanish downtime. Two days’ worth at least – that’s something, right? 158 more words

Life And Times

Beach day!

First beach day of the year! It was amazing, but a little cold :) we left early cause the clouds looked like rain :)

It was fun though :) hopefully this white girl gets some tan :D

Life And Times

Link love

Oh, hey!

If you’re still here reading, thanks for sticking around and bearing with my repeated disappearances. I have an open tab next door with a half-written post, my thoughts on Bangalore, writing in peace and the summer since. 343 more words

Life And Times

257. Getting Hired

Today I went for 2 job interviews. During the 2nd one, I was tasked with producing 3 essays on 3 separate topics. The 1st essay I wrote, on how to run a successful company, came up to about 1,200 words. 507 more words

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255. Plot Twist!

Life is full of surprises, isn’t it?

Take today, for example. I woke up At 9.30A.M. after snoozing my alarm 5 times and lumbered downstairs, had some breakfast, drank a cup of hot milo, and sat myself down in front of my laptop, intending to get some writing done. 509 more words

Life And Times

Smiles last forever.

Five years ago today, the world lost a sparkling soul. My mother had a smile that beamed, and it never faded. It still dazzles long after her dying day in the memories of those who had the privilege of knowing her. 147 more words

Life And Times