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Schedules, regulation, control.
I am bad at that.
I like going with the flow,
surprises, interesting things, doing what I like
But everyone says you are supposed to have… 18 more words

Life And Times

The Twitterherd Charter - An Owner's Guide

It has come to my attention that one or two members of the Twitterherd have been involved in some sad infringements of our charter – indeed, an all out strike of the Twitterherd right across the western world was narrowly avoided last night, when Oscar was confronted with a reinvention manual by his owner. 467 more words

Life And Times

Heigh Ho!

I went to a pagan festival this past week and it was a doozy. I’ve got a couple of journal entries that I’m going to type up from the event, and this will be the first of them. 431 more words

Life And Times

The Life of a Charlotte-An


Last week, I did something rather reckless and irresponsible that may very well change the course of my life even unto the last little dregs. I had some warn against it, some encourage me towards it, and some who awkwardly responded, “Oh..interesting” (those last group of readers have permission not to click on every blog I post). 452 more words



Tenderness is a fleeting spot of time, sandwiched somewhere between waking and drifting back to sleep. I open my eyes just so, and I see VC bug-eyed-glasses on his face, windcheater zipped up, and helmet strapped on. 324 more words

Life And Times

The Project Manager

I’m running out of time for my summer projects.

By this time, I meant to have been half-way through a stack of quilt squares, mastered the art of playing all the sharps and flats on my soprano recorder without looking at the charts (sounds odd, I know but this is so I can be proficient when I perform in the Renaissance Faire next winter), designed and finished at least 5 complete websites and last not least, lost at the very minimum- another 10 lbs. 242 more words

Life And Times

Now that IFBM is done and dusted

The perpetual state of busy-ness that has been the last few months (specially the last 3-4 weeks) was frankly just terrifying at one point. I realised the limits of involvement one tends to push oneself to, when the outcome at stake is so close to ones heart. 1,264 more words

Life And Times