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Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July!

I thought this meme was funny. I don’t know if the word was misused purposefully. if it was a error or if the creator really doesn’t know the different between “Fourth” and “forth.” … 35 more words

Life As A Writer

What's The Point?

A few years ago, a producer (I was already a film and TV writer for many years before getting into indie publishing my passion projects!) asked me what my point of view as a writer was. 717 more words


It's Complicated - Raising My Sons as an Outsider

My two sons became a presence and a certainty in my life long before I had them. They felt like a fact, like past and not future tense. 1,040 more words


Are Blogging and Parenting Mutually Exclusive?

Multitasking is fundamental to motherhood, especially when you have multiple children. You must be able to change a diaper, while playing trains with the older child, singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to the baby to keep him from rolling in his own feces, and hold the dogs at bay with one foot so they don’t lick the baby’s butt before you can get to it with the wipes. 1,042 more words