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Heart Cries

Lord >>>———->
My heart’s cry is to live a life completely surrendered. I never want to settle for a life of normalcy. I want to be love and change and a difference maker. 94 more words

the secret.

Want to know a secret? Here’s something that I’ve kept bottled up inside for years and years: I am a maker, a creator, an artist, a writer and a dreamer. 520 more words


A job you love so much you forget to eat or wash...

In Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, he remarks “People who love what they do wear themselves down doing it, they even forget to wash and eat… 482 more words


100 Days of Happiness: Day 10

Dog rescue! It is my passion, my calling in life. I’ve always known that I a) wanted to work with animals, b) wanted to change the world to be a better place, and c) make a living by society’s standards in a form that makes me happy by my own standards. 324 more words

The Purpose

There is a purpose which I do not understand -

A calling which I cannot see;

It goes beyond my plans and dreams -

It’s not about me. 136 more words


Am I insane? Or just acting like it?

When I was planning the next stage of my life recently, I was reminded of one of the definitions of Insanity.  As I study self-improvement and personal development a lot, I thought I knew better than to do something insane.  421 more words