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The First Step

Today is my graduate presentation and reading and I am writing this post in between them. I’ve made a lot of friends in Fairfield University’s MFA program and one of the perks of the residencies is catching up with people you haven’t seen in six months.  314 more words

Christian Writing

Late Night Collisions

Dear Reader,

One of the most freeing, and yet most sobering truths was brought to my remembrance tonight.

One of those Peterbilt-runs-headlong-into- your-mind moments.

It’s encouraging, and yet not simultaneously, which makes it difficult to take ownership of. 305 more words

Where the Journey Begins...

Ever feel like you were meant to do more with your life?

Like the confines of your small walled 2 x 2 metre office just wasn’t where you were meant to end up. 141 more words


All In

Changing your lifestyle, what you live for, or anything in your life first requires awareness. You need to be aware that you are doing something wrong before you can make any changes. 578 more words


Change ONE Thing

I’ve got to thank my trainer Gaynor (yes, she’s Gaynor, the Trainer – and she’s awesome!) for this post.
For the past four years or so, I’ve been exercising with her every Saturday. 304 more words

Alison Rodericks

How Surfing and Yoga can change our Lives (Photo Essay)


We all know the amazing movies, photographs and hype for this super-stoked sport. It can become a way of life, or even a religious pursuit, all for the perfect wave or the deepest barrel. 1,711 more words


Pizza Bites

Thanks to Isagenix and my new health freak of a mother, I have been forced to try new things to eat for dinner.  I saw so many recipes on blogs and Pinterest for zucchini pizza bites.   162 more words

Life Change