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Pregnancy and fitness er, fashion I mean

Wait, what is this nonsense? I recently purchased a new issue of Fit Pregnancy at the grocery store. The title seemed like it would contain topics that would appeal to me. 654 more words

Life Changing

Look Around - You May Be Surrounded By Heroes.

After reading this post look around you. Appreciate the special people around you.

When you look around you, there are heroes in your life. I have the pleasure of working with one such individual. 294 more words

MKMMA Week 12- "The Ultimate Combination"

16 days ago Santa blessed the Egins Household with an early Christmas present, the birth of our little Princess Iyanna Egins.  Unfortunately, since then her daddy’s been playing catch up in the course. 303 more words


Bah Humbug... Oh wait, I'm supposed to be happy... uh, Merry Christmas...

I normally love this time of year with decorations, Christmas carols, parties, and presents; oh and cooking. But this year; this year just isn’t a happy one. 293 more words

Life Change

How One Thing Can Change Your Life

I know. You are probably rolling your eyes at me right now. Only one thing can change my life? Really? Well, yes. This isn’t one of those “magic diet pills” or “get rich quick” schemes. 305 more words

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let's talk about sweat, baby

Let’s talk about…deodorant. Yup, that’s the topic of this post. I’m going to be a bit candid here, so my advance apologies. The fact is, I blame my mother for giving me a bad deodorant education growing up. 153 more words

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Aqua Cycle NYC

I had my eye on Aqua Cycle in New York for over a year. A spinning class done in the water on submerged bikes seemed pretty spectacular, couple that with an ambiance of classical music and candles and I was sold. 402 more words

Life Changing