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Yesterday there were moments of utter perfection. Ziggy’s PT was able to use her hands to send waves of peace deep into his stiff muscles. I shared a tasty lunch with a friend in a corner booth. 829 more words


Happy world book day!

Books have definitely changed my life. They say that books are dreams written down. For me books are the inspiration for dreaming, for going beyond, for letting yourself think differently or to risk it all. 34 more words

Book Day

Faithful Progress Isn't Pretty*

Watching from the outside as someone you love is being put through the paces of a “life changing” experience can be quite nerve wracking. My Dad used to say “There can be no reconstruction without there first being deconstruction”, or simply, “No one can rebuild a better life until they go through the process of breaking down their current life.” 356 more words


Because I'm Happy

The singer, Pharrell’s, new song is making a mark on the music industry with its cheerful message and snappy tune. It is one of those songs that once you hear it…you keep singing it all day long. 187 more words


Story Slamming

Quite a long time ago, when I was trying to work out how to spend less time crying and more time being awesome, I decided I’d like to write more.   1,134 more words


My 12 Days in Thailand: 021214 Day 9 Wednesday

Today was a lot of outreach. We started off going to an all Buddhist school in Doi Saket. Now here are some take aways from this experience. 1,298 more words

My Walk/My Thoughts

The gym saved me

It’s never too late to make a change in your life. Some of us train to better ourselves in terms of physique, others in strength, hell lets be honest, some of us train to get some, but, what if you were in such a dark place in your life and you couldn’t see the sun from behind the trees? 371 more words