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WHAT DO YOU THINK? Which invention has been the most life changing for us humans?

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I have to tell you, living through the last 20 years really has been quite something. When I first came to Malaysia, there wasn’t much internet to think of so ‘faxing’ was the most incredible thing around and I was forced to buy one of those new fangled mobile phones simply because my house was new and there weren’t any phone lines up yet to my apartment. 75 more words



Before the rain yesterday, this is the vision Bob and I saw in the clouds. I see a woman blowing a horn if I look at the photo from far away. 787 more words

Bob Haine

The Moment That Changed My Life Forever

Suicide has been high profile recently due to Robin Williams death last month and it was Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September. So it’s been on my mind a lot recently, not doing it…the topic. 913 more words

Just Life

Motivation “Wednesday” 09.17.14 (What's your excuse)

Please check our Blog for the latest news about Running, Health and Nutrition information. Get in touch with us, gives us your comments we would love to hear from you,  25 more words

NOW, You Know

My Journey to Self-Love

When I was in college, I took an Intro to Religion course. One of the projects for the class was to experience a different form of religion than what we were used to. 859 more words


Thinking Only Good

Today’s thoughts…

The Lord has been working on me to resist evil. He has shown me that evil opposes good.Every time I imagine anything that is not good like bad weather, a thief breaking in, sickness getting on me, non-good thoughts about others, or bad declarations over my life, these are all evil thoughts. 472 more words

Kingdom Of God

Reiki 1 training - A life changing weekend

The calm before the storm

Full of excitement, nerves, optimism and what can now only be described as an extremely naive outlook as to what was ahead, I arrived at day 1 of 2 for Reiki training. 1,090 more words