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You drive me to answer in anger, you catch me unawares at times, but through knowledge i am aware of you,

I choose now to deny you access to my thoughts because when I do my soul and heartfelt response is over-ridden. 232 more words

Strategic Intervention

Through My Eyes

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

“Stop! Stop!”   

 Boom! Boom!

“Stop, stop, please, stop!”

In the darkness I watched the flames from my M14 rifle flashing toward the man lying on the ground. 507 more words

1st Pages

Finding that balance with friends

How many of us have a friend that has been your friend forever? That one person that has always been there but you both have lived different lives as well. 301 more words

Finding That Balance

All clean

We spent 14 months homeless in L.A. Somehow, we survived. We were well every day. Now,we have an apartment, a cat (Delilah), a job & healthcare. 14 more words