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UP A Tree

As dusk falls.

Or dawn rises.

There are some places

I would enjoy being for both.

To see

Without being seen.

I drew myself sitting in a tree. 9 more words

Life Chatter

I Can Only Promise You This

Today I sat with you.   And your eyes filled to the very very edge.   And it hurt to look, it almost felt intrusive to look.  But I didn’t want to look away either.   436 more words

Life Chatter

I Don't Care Who You Are

People seem to like stories more than anything else when they read.  Today I am going to tell you a lot of stories.  Without telling you a single story.   431 more words

Life Chatter

Imagine What I Missed

I remember walking home from school.  It was a short walk but often times felt so long.  Maybe because I measure by the length of my legs today compared to the length of my legs as a child. 556 more words

Life Chatter

Little Old People

There are little old people who live in little old houses.  All across the land they are.  Some do just fine the way they are-ageless with the time.   502 more words

Life Chatter

Avoiding Road Kill

My husband and I have a fairly safe driving ritual when we go somewhere together.  He drives, I don’t.  He drives, and I am usually on the computer trying to catch up with reading and commenting. 364 more words

Life Chatter

We Need Giants

I am only bigger than you –  temporarily.


I hope to remain larger in your life – eternally.

Look how little.

Not always will it be- 30 more words

Life Chatter