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Getting organised

I have to confess that I’m more than a little ditzy and probably the most un-organised person in the world (maybe even the universe!)

I’m not sure whether it’s the on-set of the season of the spring clean or whether it is more to do with me spending more time at home now, but I have a desire to get structured, streamlined and more efficient. 304 more words

Life Chatter

Look Up

Yesterday I went for a hike with a friend.   She wanted to hike in a particular place  because there is an eagle’s nest in the heavily wooded park we go to on work nights.     280 more words

Life Chatter

I Can't Believe Love Dies

I wish I could put in to words my faith.  The strength of what I believe.   I know I can’t explain why I believe it.  I just know it’s there and I trust it implicitly.   721 more words

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Assisted Silence

Sometimes I need reminders to shut up.

Be quiet.

Just stop talking.

There are times when I need a little more than a reminder.

I need assistance.

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He Was A Man

Whether you believe in who the man was, or not.   There was a man.  His name was Jesus.  He lived a life.  An exemplary life by all records. 53 more words

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The Christmas Tree Fiasco

I learned a long time ago that if I was getting a live Christmas tree I should not be the one going to get it. 275 more words

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On This Night

Over two thousand years have passed.

And my heart still breaks.

For His mother.

As He left her.

For us.

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