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Avoiding Road Kill

My husband and I have a fairly safe driving ritual when we go somewhere together.  He drives, I don’t.  He drives, and I am usually on the computer trying to catch up with reading and commenting. 364 more words

Life Chatter

We Need Giants

I am only bigger than you –  temporarily.


I hope to remain larger in your life – eternally.

Look how little.

Not always will it be- 30 more words

Life Chatter

Blogging Meme

Tess from “How The Cookie Crumbles” sent me a request.  It’s not an award.  It’s a sharing of information on the process of writing.   939 more words

Life Chatter

Round Bottom School Signatures

In 1795 a community built a school house.


For two hundred years kids signed the school house.


Can you see them?

The kids. 82 more words

Life Chatter

The Parking Lot Talk

I walked out of work, for lunch, much later than usual yesterday.

As I walked to my car I heard someone say “where you going?”   I told my friend leaning out of her mom mini-van that I was going to get iced coffee.   818 more words

Life Chatter

My True Colors

I don’t feel an obligation to tell everything about myself to the entire world.

But prepare yourself for my true colors.

They aren’t always pretty. 117 more words

Life Chatter

Full Body Armour

There was a time in our lives,

Or there should have been,

When all the armour you needed,

Was the full body armour -

Of your parents shirts. 137 more words

Life Chatter