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He Was A Man

Whether you believe in who the man was, or not.   There was a man.  His name was Jesus.  He lived a life.  An exemplary life by all records. 53 more words

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The Christmas Tree Fiasco

I learned a long time ago that if I was getting a live Christmas tree I should not be the one going to get it. 275 more words

Life Chatter

On This Night

Over two thousand years have passed.

And my heart still breaks.

For His mother.

As He left her.

For us.

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Self Control Is Exhausting

Today I told my husband to get ready to repair a window.  I was angry enough that I wanted to throw something through a window.  I mean I truly wanted to chuck something through to hear glass breaking.   192 more words

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Does This Make Me A Bad Person?

I’m standing still right now.   Not moving anywhere.  I’m afraid to look ahead.   Part of me wants to freeze the right now.  But I can’t.  I can’t stop time.   323 more words

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I Know You Can

If all you have is one moment to predict.  One day to own a moment and make something happen.  Make something come true.  Learn something you struggle to grasp.   83 more words

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Do Not Believe

Do not mistake my kindness-

For naivety.

Do not think my forgiveness-

Leads to my forgetting.

Do not think my mistakes-

Are for your gain. 126 more words

Life Chatter