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Free Responsive Coaching Website Template Life Coach from Themewagon

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Life coach is a free responsive coaching website template; recently launched by Themewagon. It is designed to meet the requirements of the coaches, instructors, life coaches, food and wellness coaches! 588 more words

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5 Ways To Avoid a Rebound Relationship

Though you can probably already tell, I’m a woman who can get around the interweb pretty well. (I like saying interweb) I come across hundreds of articles — some better than others — offer up my commentary, and share it with you all! 679 more words

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A genuine smile uses less facial muscles and increases your endorphins. A smile boosts your

mental and physical health by reducing hormones and blood pressure. 75 more words


What You Mean To Me

On Wednesday evening, with all the energy I could muster, I went to the Ground Zero Zombie Apocalype Grocery Store to buy wilted spinach. Though my recipe didn’t call specifically for “wilted” spinach, it’s all they had available and so that is what I got. 298 more words

Life Coach

What is your body telling you?

How often do you tune in and listen to your body?

I know I am my best self when I feel light, energetic, open and inspired. 740 more words