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Nothing In Life Can Be Reversed

So stop trying! 

 It’s a waste of your energy, it’s a waste of your time. Use that time, and your energy to get clarity around what you are really wanting and go for that.


Day 86 Water Experiment Changing Negativity Using Positive Words

Day 86 of Dr Wendy Dearborne’s Water Experiment. Wow the water is a lot clearer today! We are seeing the results already of the changes that I have made by removing the word hate from the jar. 43 more words



Years ago I feel like I must have been fearless. I think that may be something that goes along with youth. You are not afraid to try new things because for one you may not know any better. 308 more words

Self Improvement

Teacher Becomes the Student

I’ve been blessed in my lifetime to have had many great teachers and some special mentors. I’m not just talking about the ones that you get in the classroom when you are running through the system of K-12 and in college. 2,225 more words

When The Going Gets Tough ~ The Tough Go Home

It is a hot August day and yet my mind is on the snow-covered mountaintops of winter. I can feel the cold wind on my cheeks and I know the anxiety of needing to keep moving just to stay warm. 550 more words

Planning to get to the airport on time?

How often have you strategized on the correct time to reach the airport to catch a flight and how often have you gotten the timing perfect? 504 more words

Balancing Writing, Raising Kids, and Life

As a homeschooling mom of five young children (ages 12 and under), my life is a whirlwind of dirty diapers, Dr. Seuss books, and domestic damage control. 386 more words