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Love Letters to Blogtard (Vol. 8)

The Blogtard is in!
I’ve been quite the sex therapist this week! It’s kind of like being psychic……you can predict the future for others but not for yourself. 287 more words

Day 96 Water Experiment Changing Negativity Using Positive Words

Day 96 of Dr Wendy Dearborne’s Water Experiment. Choices! Choices! Choices! I get to CHOOSE how I embrace my water experiment and the entire experience. I get to choose if I feel a sense of frustration or not. 102 more words

Dr Wendy Dearborne

The Face in The Mirror

Today be yourself. It seems like we wear so many hats to please the world
that we can lose sight of who we truly are. The only person any of us have… 71 more words

Boost Your Fat-Burning With The Help Of Thermogenic Supplements

Unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet that you can take to instantly melt fat as it takes hard work in the gym and a disciplined diet. That said, an effective diet and training program can be made even better with the help of the right supplements. 1,310 more words

Life Coach

Day 95 Water Experiment Changing Negativity Using Positive Words

Day 95 of Dr Wendy Dearborne’s Water Experiment. Major changes are happening. At first I didn’t know why, but now I can see why. We’ll get a clearer picture when we look inside the jar on Monday. 36 more words

Dr Wendy Dearborne

A Whole New You

There is always the chance that you are not going to believe what I am going to say today.  Or, if you are younger (nearly everyone is) than I am and more tech savvy (nearly everyone is), you might just take it for granted.  817 more words

Living My Life

We are ALL Salespeople. (Love to hear an argument)

From birth we started to become salespeople by using are actions to get what we wanted.  Cry Food.  Cry Need our diaper changed.   U understand.  Then we learned how to talk and became exceptional  salespeople by the use of words and seeing their effect on people.   107 more words