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How To Never Let Others Bring You Down

Many of us encountered at one point or another, where we had a great idea or a plan that we’d set for ourselves, and as soon as someone finds out about it, they’ll either put us down for the ridiculous idea, or point out the only negatives in pursuing those goals, and we slowly become discouraged and toss the idea away; going back to our conventional life style. 475 more words


Quick Meals For On The Go Fashionistos/Fashionistas

My good friend Jamal from Style Society Guy Blog,http://stylesocietyguyblog.com, asked me help him out with some quick and healthy meal ideas. If your a fashionisto/fashionista you know how hectic and fast paced the fashion industry can be, especially in NYC. 657 more words


Spiritual Life Coaching - The Spirit Effect

Spiritual Life Coaching – Gratitude and the Spirit Effect

There are so many benefits to gratitude as an emotion and a behavior. Sometimes showing gratitude as a behavior leads to the emotions of gratitude. 428 more words

Spiritual Coaching

Sunshine, Sprinkles, Rainbows and Unicorns Dammit!

Am I always this sunshiney? No. Believe it or not I am not always so pep and fresh BUT I work so damn hard daily, hourly, passionately trying to be. 571 more words


Your Problem = The Solution... True Story

The YFR&ZAR is far, far away from everything everywhere. I’ve dubbed it the geographical oddity, 40 minutes from everywhere. We love the remote location, love that we can garden in our underwear, though we don’t, it’s just that it’s an option, we love having horses and chickens and goats. 431 more words

Discomfort Creates Progress

When you are working out, do not stay within your comfort level. Progress and results are not found there.

Achievements are found in the struggle, when you have to fight to keep pushing forward. 36 more words