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Day 87 Water Experiment Changing Negativity Using Positive Words

Day 87 of Dr Wendy Dearborne’s Water Experiment. I have a question for you today, when have you seen the power of your word become manifested almost instantaneously? 61 more words

Dr Wendy Dearborne

This Life

I strolled down to the pier early this morning to fellowship with God. This is the one place I can go and feel His presence. A cool, gentle breeze was whipping around the pajama pants I still had on. 377 more words


Instant Confidence Fix!

Here they provide 20 quick and particular methods that you can follow to increase your confidence.


Keys to Success: Twice the Work and Twice the Smarts

Work Harder and Smarter

A lot of people are looking for that one secret that will put them in the category of successful people. We all want to know what can we do today, that which will make all of our dreams come true. 830 more words


Nothing In Life Can Be Reversed

So stop trying! 

 It’s a waste of your energy, it’s a waste of your time. Use that time, and your energy to get clarity around what you are really wanting and go for that.


Day 86 Water Experiment Changing Negativity Using Positive Words

Day 86 of Dr Wendy Dearborne’s Water Experiment. Wow the water is a lot clearer today! We are seeing the results already of the changes that I have made by removing the word hate from the jar. 43 more words



Years ago I feel like I must have been fearless. I think that may be something that goes along with youth. You are not afraid to try new things because for one you may not know any better. 308 more words

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