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I Want A Raise And A Company Car, Please.

There have been many times in my various careers that I’ve had to negotiate something. Its been job raises, hotel contracts, greeting card suppliers, and my services of my current business. 133 more words

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Some times the inspiration just flows...

Today is luckily one of those days.  Wednesday totally wasn’t, so I apologise for not blogging then!

I think the inspiration is flowing because I actually managed to sleep last night.   325 more words

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The BUSY epidemic

The need to be busy or at least seen as being busy is an increasing epidemic in our culture. I find it a little alarming that the number one response I get from people when I ask them “how’s life” is “busy”. 408 more words

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Happiness Planet Index

Increasing our productivity each day needs to be balanced with other considerations…

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Worship is the Way Forward

A few weeks ago my wife and I received some life-coaching on how to have difficult conversations. Our coach asked us to answer three questions, first considering them separately and then discussing them together. 689 more words

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Encouragement through Mentoring!

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17)

Mentoring! An awesome concept—a daunting task! According to Dr. Howard Hendricks and his son, William, in their book on mentoring, … 1,897 more words

Do Not Settle Part 2: Too tired to have faith!


So, let’s just say that you have read part 1 of this topic and it did not inspire you much. You are a person who has done steps 1-4 of the Do Not Settle post for a particular goal or desire and have still not seen results. 660 more words

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