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Life Empowerment

 Brittney 18 years old, aspiring Doctor.  Congratulate our 2014 graduate

Beautiful- possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about,etc.;

delighting the senses or mind: 145 more words

Life Empowerment

Gratitude-  The quality or being thankful or grateful.

The smallest things in life, for the most part are the most rewarding experiences in life.  Being able to… 181 more words

Life Empowerment

The happiest most rewarding life is one that can be lived on one’s own terms and desires.  Doing this is a practice of tuning into the stillness within that speaks to us when we take time to show up for ourselves. 564 more words

Life Empowerment

We've all been lied to....

When the date started getting close, I decided that I wasn’t going to post anything about it…I swear I wasn’t.  However, the closer it got, the more my resolve waned.   2,314 more words

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Hey, God is so awesome! Thank you for sharing your story. I have reposted on my blog for others to share this healing process. Awesome

Each and every human being that exist is a pattern of God’s wonderful creation, similar to the flowers that are pictured on this blog.  Each one has a specific design and purpose for its existence.   288 more words

Life Empowerment

That Perfect Dude!

That Perfect Dude, Hmmmm…

Audacious as he stands before his family.  Unpretentious to the criticism of others.  He forfeits the desires of his own.  Leading by example as he postures for success. 272 more words

Life Empowerment