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Radical Satanism and the Holy Trinity

There is an eerie sensation in listening to the words of Jacob Boehme and the revelations of his mystic visions. This is particularly  true regarding the similarities between the OAK magical system based upon Dewey Larson’s reciprocal general field theory where all is created from vibratory motion. 883 more words

Le Weekend Est Ici !!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to be able to announce that the much anticipated weekend is upon us, so make the most of the opportunity. 118 more words


God as Mother, the Fall of Lucifer and Earth's Ascension

In crossing the great abyss almost thirty years ago it seemed like I fell into the Great Mother or Goddess. I pledged myself to serve her from that time on. 851 more words

Radical Satanism and the Ego

The question now becomes, “How can we help others to develop and strengthen their souls, their egos?” We have defined it as the “observer self”. How can it be strengthened? 921 more words

Anarchist World

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2, Vs 15

When the evolutionary force kundalini completes the transformation of the body, Death loses it power. 

15 Considering them common, Arjuna, one who does not waver on account of these and remains resolute, is ready for immortality.  868 more words

Surrender Meditation

Radical Satanism and the Soul

For the first time a true understanding begins to emerge. In radical Satanism we understand the complete creation and balancing of the soul as the divine Androgyne, half male and half female, with an awareness that is able to span the entire spectrum of human existence from the spiritual light to the dark, earthy, pure black energy of life bringing sexuality itself. 592 more words

Julius Evola and Radical Satanism

Julius Evola and Radical Satanism

I am indebted to Julius Evola’s books “The Metaphysics of Sex” and “The Yoga of Power” to help consolidate this radical approach to modern Satanism. 1,855 more words