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My Chi Runneth Over!

I’ve noticed a bit of a trend that seems to occur after a workout.  Regardless of what type of training I do, at the end of the session I tend to be a wee bit snotty.  555 more words

April's Energy Fingerprint

April is a month for blooms unfurling and songbirds hatching. A month when gray skies turn blue. It’s a changeable month that promises new life. 611 more words


Full-ness of Life, Living Fully

Life is full of amazing experiences. Large, medium or small, all are big. Being aware of life’s full-ness keeps me motivated, contented, excited and alive. 673 more words

Single Mothers

Failures Of Perception

It’s a well known Buddhist saying, that our problems are not the real problem, it is the way we perceive them that is the problem. 139 more words


The vital force - a concept lost?

The vital force as a fundamental principle of the homeopathic treatment approach describes a life-inducing, spirit-like power that is inherent to all living things, human, animal, insect, plant. 702 more words