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Thoughts on success and failure: inspired by GCSE results day.

It’s gcse results day today and it’s not the key results day for me this year. I just had a year with no year 11 teaching, but did have a year 10 dual award science group who took one gcse at the end of year 10. 672 more words



So I got a text this morning from my sister who lives in Italy.

“We haven’t spoken in a while, how are you?”

I summed up in 3-4 brief messages the major changes that have happened recently in my life. 259 more words


Spiritual Philosophy: (Musings part I)

This blog is simply a collection of random thoughts and observations I have made in regards to life and social interaction. Bare in mind that this is a series of blogs concerning my own spirituality and philosophies, hence you’re not required to agree with said content and I would hope no one would see this as a lecture of sorts or me bragging about my own superiority. 1,170 more words


Janji Rasul Mengikat

Dua hari lalu saya membaca buku bertajuk The Great Leader yang bercerita tentang kepemimpinan nabi besar Muhammad salallahu alaihi wassalam. Saya tak ingat lagi bagaimana rangkaian kata yang tertulis di buku tersebut karena saat ini buku tersebut sedang dipinjam oleh seorang teman yang ingin tahu lebih jauh tentang nabi Muhammad. 329 more words

Life Experience

money is a river

money is a river
the meaning and purpose is in the flow of it

Life Experience


I had a physical exam a couple of months ago, since it had been two years, and as part of my new life and loving myself, I owe it to me to maintain my health. 774 more words


Magical Moments

Since I was 7 years old and walked through the gates of the Magic Kingdom with my family and saw Cinderella’s Castle for the first time it was like magic, the smell of main street USA, the bakery the pop corn, the sound of excited families. 842 more words