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Have the experience of your life, experiencing your life!
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Annette Rochelle Aben

Gardening with the Hammer Of Thor's Cousin

Probably some of you were saying,”Hey, it’s Wednesday and Missy never put anything up on her blog site yet.”  That’s because what I wanted to write about I had to do first so I could write about it next and that’s why nothing got put up before just now. 497 more words

Missy Barrett


Dear asshole,

You haven’t been born, or conceived… You’re an idea at this point. One that fiancé is surer of than I am. I nod and agree, yes yes, we’ll have a baby. 536 more words


Mean girls OR 'cock blocks'

Even as a woman I don’t understand women. For several decades there have been movements of feminism, which I understand is intended to promote equality and respect for women amongst men…BUT what about amongst women ? 3,133 more words

Life Experience

Wander for distraction, travel for fulfilment

Now lets not get all cliché!!
I am not going traveling to find myself.
I know who I am and I like who I am! 443 more words

Life Experience

Life experience versus innocence

Can a person with life experience retain their innocence? What is regarded as innocent? What is considered to be life experience?

I have recently been pondering these questions as I get older. 544 more words