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I See TechnoloGEE! I'm an I.T. Me!

Have we gone too far with the all-pervasive convenience (necessity?) of modern technology in all its manifestations?  Cell phones, computers, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Pininterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Google Plus+, Flickr, Meetup?, etc., etc., etc. 48 more words


Corporate by day, Stripper by night

When I first started dancing just a few weeks ago, my former manager suggested that my experiences would make for a good book. Little did he know that I am a writer and intend on anonymously sharing my life experiences with the world. 313 more words

Strip Club

With Fall Comes Sickness

This past week I was dealing with a cold. I missed three classes this week (out of 6) because I just could not stay awake and my body just said no. 86 more words

Journalism Student


The inspiration for this paper came to me as a side effect of introspection while I travelled back home from college in a rickshaw. Earlier that day, I had a conversation with a few of my friends and one of the topics we discussed was our reluctance to date boys who are, even if it’s just by a few months, younger than us. 1,479 more words

Life Experiences

I've got the power but what will I do with it?

We have just had solar panels installed at the church building. Immediately after installation they were generating electricity even though it was cloudy and at 5.30pm it was beginning to go dark. 339 more words


My own personal icebuckets

Over the summer there was a craze going round for having a bucket of ice tipped over one’s head. That sudden shock as the ice and water hits you and drips down, leaving you soaked and freezing, makes you gasp with shock. 317 more words


Meet Your Brain

As I was watching the Ottawa tragedy unfold yesterday, the press played interviews of witnesses who described the gunshots they heard as “pop, pop.”  Some said they thought it was sounds from the construction site down the street. 845 more words

Critical Thinking