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Sunglasses - My Poem of the Day (08/20/14)

My Poem of the Day



When I wear my sunglasses no one sees all that I see

I spot a mother crying on the park bench… 149 more words


Fun Life Facts From Charlie: "Sometimes I Feel Like Somebody is Watching Me"

I used to think my life was a reality show and cameras were always watching me.
I would always think that my friends saw me on tv the night before… 23 more words

Life According To Charlese


This was the view from my window this morning. Reality is cold and a little grey for my liking. Waiting for Spring :)

Life Experiences


So.  I’ve had quite the summer.  It was like any other, in respect to ignoring the heat, the sweat and the endless cheer of scantily clothed, summer lovers.   387 more words

Life Experiences

Free Ammo

Back in the early 1970’s, basic trainees in the Air Force were required to become familiar with, fire, and qualify with the M-16 assault rifle.  This firearm is similar to the AR-15 semi-automatic sporting rifle with the exception that the M-16 can fire three-round bursts with a single pull of the trigger, or can fire non-stop in full automatic mode until the magazine empties.  463 more words


Run Withe the...Typhoon

Sometimes I wonder how I made it to this age…

The Viet Nam conflict required tens of thousands of Air Force members to be sent to various countries in the Orient to support the various operations.  664 more words


A Bond Of Compromises

A girl who live her life with her own values, suddenly she has to forget all of her ambitions, her dreams, her wishes because she is got married from now. 169 more words

Life Experiences