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Fashion, Music, and Art! Oh my!

(I apologize in advance for the lack of length, I really wanted to get this published and I am exhausted.)

This weekend has been a productive weekend, but it has seemed to fly on by even with the extra day tacked onto it. 309 more words

Life According To Charlese

When people hurt you, love them anyway..

This post is definitely pretty tough to write about. I have been contemplating for a while on how I would go about writing of something so sensitive to my life… Well here it goes. 943 more words


Chapter Four

Since I’ve had this blog, I’ve lived through several chapters of my life. It is weird to think that each of them have been recorded here… 619 more words


A Story To Tell - My Poem of the Day (09/01/14)

My Poem of the Day


A Story To Tell

I have a story to tell

I wonder if you will come

If you will come and¬†listen… 160 more words


Why I Blog

Many of the last posts I have written are about things that have happened to me in the past, which I have shared because these events in my life have contributed to who I am today, and are all part of the journey my life has taken me on.  241 more words

My Journey

The case of the misplaced iPhone

We’ve all experienced it …. a misplaced mobile phone somewhere in your home that you can’t seem to locate. Add in a toddler who is battling bedtime and the fact that the phone charger is off and on vibrate — and it’s a fun situation. 280 more words


Don't loose the chance (Rewrite)

Indeed one of the best eye opener message:
It was their anniversary, and Aisha was waiting for her husband Rajiv to show up.Things had changed since their marriage, the… 314 more words

Life Experiences