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The Wisdom Of A Father

By Kevin Smullin

Today, during Deacon’s quorum, the instructor asked me a question that I wasn’t prepared for. He asked me what I do when I am feeling really sad. 716 more words

Kevin Smullin

Real Church, Real Community Part 3

Hi guys, this is my last post for Real Church, Real Community. I haven’t written in a long time about this post, so I thought I should finish it up now, plus my friend has been nagging me about it for ages. 569 more words


Poem Bursts Daily Triple Play by Felina Silver Robinson (10/19/14)

My moment in time© by Felina Silver Robinson

I never thought it would happen
I never believed in myself enough until now
I stand before my fans on a concert stage… 424 more words


For everything there is a season

washington dc, 2012 in the fall

Seasons and times. Hmm. Life is quite full of those, isn’t it? It’s been a really odd start to fall here in Germany…at least I imagine so, that this is unusual. 1,005 more words


Italy-- Week 5

So this week, up until Wednesday, has been very uneventful. Filled with school work, and daily life tasks such as laundry. Let me just say that I will never, EVER take a washer and dryer for granted ever again. 2,802 more words


These Are Things I Know To Be True

I don’t know a whole lot about a lot of things; but after spending hours sorting through thousands and thousands of photos, these are things I know to be true: 351 more words


Sunday Morning Quote (10/19/14)

“I can always reach for a thought that feels better.”

– Abraham-Hicks

(Do you REALIZE the truth of this quote?!)

(Right now, think of something positive!  Quick!)