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Welcome to Arizona

I had been traveling abroad for three weeks and I only had less than 36 hours with my family before leaving again for I didn’t know how long. 1,287 more words


The Homeless God

I lived on-campus when I was a Sophomore, from 2003-2004. Once as I was standing outside of my dorm with some friends on a cold night, a homeless man approached us and asked us for money. 232 more words

Life Experiences

Crocodile on a Cardigan

The marching band paraded merrily down Central Park West. Each member was perfectly color coordinated in red and black cardigans. Gold confetti flew from the sky over the Upper West Side’s iconic apartment houses. 706 more words

Life Experiences

Walking the Path of Commitment

By Kevin Smullin

Lately, I have found myself pondering about commitment and doing a self-check about where my commitments lie.

In that thought, the Prophet Joseph Smith once said: 945 more words

Jesus Christ


I’ve felt a lot like Goldie Locks in the story with three bears. I’ve made my third move since being back in San Antonio on a little over a month. 195 more words


What would life be like without love?

One question that would fill anyone’s mind. Anyone!

How is everyone, I’m pretty good. I had a good golf day on Thursday morning and afternoon. It did rain but I played in it. 733 more words


Inherent vice

I have come to the conclusion that any and every relationship is as good as how vulnerable one of the partner gets in a situation. Time that you might have spent together, love, closeness shared, nothing and I mean nothing makes a difference when you get to a point where one of you is vulnerable enough to believe what you want to believe. 202 more words

Life Experiences