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What happens when you find yourself no longer attracted to your mate/spouse?

Have you ever been in this situation? Care to share??


body answers 25 DAY CHALLENGE -day 15- what person will you be on day 25?

Look at the people that you adore, that inspire you and that represent a good example for you (from films, books, real or fiction …). 75 more words

Personal Development

Dance Display - the Sequel

⚠- this will not make very much sense unless you had read my first post about the dance display.

So I went to the dance display again last night but this time with my Aunt and other Nana. 310 more words

Life Experiences

What do training courses and trips to the dentist have in common?

Today I am attending a trustee training course. I have to be honest, there are lots of things I would rather be doing than sitting in a training session on a Saturday morning. 434 more words


Only a Few Seconds

I believe that at my young age of 17, I have had a couple experiences that are not too common among others of my age. I’m sure there are a lot of them that have been put in the unfortunate circumstance of experiencing the death of another person and the grieving that typically comes with it. 379 more words


The Waiting Room© - My Poem of the Day (11/21/14)

My Poem of the Day


The Waiting Room©

Sitting quietly among strangers
In a room brightly lit
Plain and simple and totally sterile
There’s no cheer or personal touches… 85 more words


Five Friday Happy Bringers -- 11/21/14

1.  My Savannah College of Art and Design student, Isabella Mendez from Venezuela, winning SCAD’s ESL Student of the Quarter Award yesterday.  I’m SO proud of her for all her hard work and success in our English as a Second Language program.  164 more words