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A Lesson in Longevity: Visit the worlds Blue Zones

I recently stumbled across a Nat Geo article that described 5 places around the world, where people generally lived longer. These places are known as Blue Zones, and I happen to be traveling to one of them this coming month. 932 more words


Sunday long run, in pictures

Each Sunday morning I try to do a long run. My usual route is an out-and-back from the Te Papa markets to the Evan’s Bay needle. 106 more words

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Back to the mat

Since finishing the PhD I’ve been trying to do yoga every day, even if it’s just ten minutes of sun salutations. I hope to finally end up with a 20 minute daily routine. 70 more words

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Another night that is filled with wishful thinking and wishful dreams. Things that seem to be impossible right now, are really that impossible. Out of reach. 58 more words

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Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping, and Saving Money!

Who wants to save money on their grocery bill???  I DO!  I DO!  I mentioned on my last post that I would be talking about my shopping experience at the fabulous grocery store called Aldi.   1,248 more words


say thank you

Apparently John Lennon wrote thank you notes. Jimmy Fallon is also a fan of thank you notes. And I want to thank Jimmy Fallon… 346 more words

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Choosing Acceptable and Unacceptable Lifestyles

There’s a lifestyle choice that has grown in popularity over the years that I feel I must finally speak to directly. Hollywood glamorizes it, making TV shows and movies that prominently feature people living in this unbiblical, sinful way of life.  869 more words